Just grateful

Today I’m so extremely grateful for what we have. Granted we have a LOT of bad situations in our lives at the moment and they are consistent and terrible BUT we have our health, and our love for each other and Zoe and the safety net of a stable relationship and not to forget our love for exercise.

The saga with our tenant is ongoing and terrible. Just a tally from Friday morning at 7 until about 3 in the afternoon – 29 emails, 4 calls and about 9 Whatsapp messages – all ignored under instruction from my lawyer. On Saturday the ex sister in law SMS, emailed and phoned me. On Sunday the tenant Whatsapp’ed me again. Up to now it is quiet today. She has now made clear that she intends to squat!!

Somebody broke the boot cover of our car yesterday and he couldn’t understand why we are upset. We try to look after our things, not because material things are that important but purely because we intend to drive that car for a long time and we prefer our things to stay in a good condition. So I’ll have to find out how much it’s going to be to replace that.

But now I want to tell you about my amazing sister in law. I can’t remember if I’ve written about her before but even if I had, I think it is worth telling this story again. Purely to show that sometimes excuses are just that – excuses.

She has arthritis – she has been on chronic medication for 16 years now. Her body has been attacked by the disease but also the medication. She has no cartilage left, the little “pillows” between her vertebrae is completely gone, she has a resistance against antibiotics AND her kidneys are a mess because of the medicine. She has now been put on morphine three times a day to try and control the pain! On top of that all she has the metabolism of a 70 year and she has the biggest boobs that I have ever seen. And now for the part that amazes me. She still runs and she still goes to the gym and she still do everything in her house herself and she is always immaculate – nails painted, make up on and hair perfect and she has a full time job!!! She trains all the time – even when the doctor tells her to stop for a while, because she is convinced that the exercise and running prevents her from falling into depression and she loves the interaction with other runners and the shared stories and experiences. So even with all those negatives, she won’t allow it to get her down and she fights every day and keep on running. How amazing, how terrible and how inspirational. Every time I don’t want to run or I try and fabricate an excuse about a little niggle to try and get out of a run, I think about her and I realise that I should be thankful and grateful for every run, every gym session, every time I get of the couch and I don’t have any pain.

Thank you M – you are a true inspiration!

So what is your excuse?

And here come the first email of the day from the tenant!

Have a wonderful week! I intend to make the most of it.

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7 Responses to Just grateful

  1. halberts2014 says:

    I get so tired of these “deur-die-gat-trekkers” who break everything and have F-all respect for other peoples stuff. Like you said, it’s not because we are materialistic, but that we have worked hard for what we have and things cannot easily be replaced. I don’t supposed he offered to pay to have it fixed?
    I wish my Mum could meet your SIL. I know you can’t tell someone to “snap out” of depression, but my Mum makes no effort to do anything. Shes sits in her room all day watching movies. She doesn’t even wash her face, comb her hair, do her make up, nothing. I’ve been helping clear out the house this weekend and she can’t even be bothered to sit on her bed and sort through a drawer to see what she wants to keep. I believe that only YOU can help yourself, I can only help to a point and then the rest is up to YOU.
    * SIGH * Aren’t we a pair.
    Hugs, I know I need one

    • runnermum says:

      Thank you Helen and a big hug back to you. Goodness your Mum does have a bad case of depression, shame it is hard to bit your lip all the time isn’t it? But like you say only you can help yourself.

      • halberts2014 says:

        I’m done biting my tongue. I make sure she understands that I blame Louse for the situation where she is now. It’s not my fault she’s alone with no money. He spent all her money, inheritance, sold my grandparents stuff, spent that money and when there was nothing left to sell he left her and went to CT. He’s been there since January
        Oh gawd, come over to my pity party

  2. charliesbird says:

    Run that tenant stress away!
    Excuses are just that. On Friday night, I lined up at a run I didn’t really want to do, (it was on the beach, and I HATE running on the sand) when it started to rain – yuck! Now a year ago I would never have been running on a Friday night, would not have run on that beach and MOST definitely not in the rain! But I put on my happy face, went out and did it, and loved the beauty I saw (or shall I say, glimpsed in the dark). Love that I am finding fewer and fewer excuses!

    • runnermum says:

      Well done Charlie! I must admit that I didn’t run on Saturday morning because of the weather but I went to a yoga class that was so good for my soul! And I’m so sore today – but that great sore that comes from exercise.

  3. MamaCat says:

    You SIL sounds like an amazing woman, to never give up like that. thanks for sharing her story. Your tenant does sound like a complete nightmare! Good Luck with it.
    I am glad to see you are counting your blessings instead of getting bogged down in the bad stuff.

  4. Deblet says:

    I hear you on looking after things,I do try to take care of my stuff.
    The tenant sounds like she is ready for a fight,wow.
    Your SIL sounds amazing,what a great example to others battling various illnesses and diseases.

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