Read your insurance policy

Did I get a rude awakening when I decide to read through the small print on our insurance policy! We have been merrily(well ok maybe more grudgingly) been paying the insurance on my jewelry. BUT do you know that it says in the small print that you have to get a valuation certificate every year! Yes every 12 months or the goods won’t be insured. Shouldn’t the insurance company then either take the insured goods off the policy or at least let you know when it is close to the expiry date.

And since jewelry is not exactly cheap to insure I took all my little bits and bops off to a jeweler yesterday. I decided to take it to quite a big shop in Eastgate instead of the little unknowns at the local malls. There are too many stories floating around of real diamonds being swapped for a fake diamond. These guys have been around since 1938 and we actually bought my engagement ring from them – round about the time they first opened 😉

So now I’m jewelry-less – I must say that it feels quite strange to sit here without my rings on. My fingers actually feel light and my fingers look even skinnier than usual.

There were a whole lot of other conditions in that small print that we didn’t know about but at least some positives as well – we can actually claim for the broken timer on the swimming pool pump! Did you know that? No me neither.

Next contract to read will be the medical aid one – I wonder what I may find out from that. Maybe they’ll pay for Lasik for my eyes?

For the rest – no changes to all the stress factors in our lives – if anything it may be worse than a week ago. Hopefully all will be sorted by the 1st of September.

One thing that I can state without doubt is that running most certainly help for stress. This past weekend was my big come back weekend in terms of training. Saturday 10km’s and Sunday 15km’s. Nothing else changed but after that 25km’s everything felt more manageable. I honestly don’t know how people cope without exercise.

Jsut wanted to check in.

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9 Responses to Read your insurance policy

  1. halberts2014 says:

    I should take my jewels off to get valuated aswell, but I’m just too darned lazy. It’s not like I’m swimming in diamonds though. My mum did give me her engagement ring that my Dad gave her and it looks more expensive than mine. I’m glad I’ve got it as I’m sure Louse would’ve pawned it by now 😦
    You can claim for the strangest of things. DH and I believe though not to abuse things like insurance and medical aid. Like if Liam needs meds not prescribed by the doc then I pay cash for it.
    I loved exercising at Curves and it really helped my back, but I’m just too stingy to fork out that kind of dosh. And don’t ask me about running. I can’t run to save my life and I don’t think my knees would appreciate it 🙂
    Have a good day RM

    • runnermum says:

      There are so many things that we are just too darned lazy to do isn’t it? Prime example for me is my ID book – it is still in my maiden name even though we have been married for 13 years!

      Gym is expensive isn’t it?

      We also feel quite strongly about not abusing the insurances – you never know when you’ll really need it.

      • halberts2014 says:

        LOL at your id book being in your maiden name. We got married at home affairs so we came out of the marriage office and joined the line to get my new ID. How handy is that?

  2. MamaCat says:

    I was beginning to wonder if you were OK. I really hope things sort themselves out for you soon.
    Insurance….I am not fully sure how I feel about it, especially since we had a chat with the financial advisor yesterday.
    You are so right about exercise. It always leaves me feeling in a good mood.
    Hoping to hear good news from you soon. Take care of yourself.

    • runnermum says:

      All insurances are grudge payments but I suppose in South Africa it is a necessity. We are going to make a decision regarding the jewelry insurance once we have the valuations done and a quote from the insurance.

  3. charliesbird says:

    Yay, you’re back! Stress is awful, but yes, running definitely makes it better! My mileage is picking up again, as I train for a trail 21 in September, and I can literally feel the stress reactions subside…

  4. nusha78 says:

    Good to hear from you!
    Such a good point about reading the policy. I really don’t know properly what is covered and not covered. Had no clue about the pool timer thing!!! Ours is busted and we just put a solid cover on the pool and turned everything off for the whole of winter saying we would sort it in summer again. Need to check our policy now. Thanks for that …

  5. Deblet says:

    I inherited a ring I need to have valued but have been too scared to take it to a Jewellery you hear all these stories of the diamonds being swooped for fakes.

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