The weekend

Friday was another long to-ing and fro-ing with the plastic dog bollocs tenant. In the end I just drove to the house and lo and behold – little doggy now has empty bags and a very recent operation wound – hmmmmm.

Anyway – I ignored all her stories about the harassment and left. At ten on Friday night they gave their notice! Hallelujah! Very glad about it – only problem now is that I’m going to have no rent for August and two empty houses at the beginning of September – luckily we have made provision to have the houses empty for about 3 months.

And then there was a break in at the house with the tenant without money – goodness gracious – poor lady – she doesn’t have anything and then this happens as well.

The rest of my weekend was spend watching a friend’s kids. I’m really not much of a child person – so I find it extremely hard – luckily Hubby took them to Carnival City on Saturday night to play ten pin bowling and games – a bit of a break for me. I do feel like I’m constantly cooking when they are there.

Has the Rainbow Loom craze hit your kids as well? This has really spread like a wildfire. I’ve been googling how to make these armbands and I had to look at numerous tutorials on how to make it. The big thing is that I have to learn how to make one first and then I can show it to Zoe. I must admit the big Eureka moment came when I realised that I have the thing the wrong way around and that is why I was struggling so much. So she has place a few orders for things and I suppose I better get cracking on it this afternoon.

Good luck with the week ahead.

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3 Responses to The weekend

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Hmm, very suspicious indeed. I mean, why would you have the plastic balls removed?
    Oh man, that poor lady, horrible indeed.
    I’m also not big into kids. Maybe that’s why we are sticking to just one?
    Never head of Rainbow Loom

  2. MamaCat says:

    Not heard of rainbow loom thing before the blogs.
    Your dog tenant is odd and sounds like someone you wnat out of your hair.
    I do not like taking care of other kids. Mine is enough.

  3. Deblet says:

    LO has been rainbow looming up a storm,we also struggled in the beginning with it being upside down.LO now has learnt to make the bracelets on 2 fingers.She spends hours making bracelets for everyone.

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