Weekend happenings

I’ve realised that I’m not really living up to the name of my blog at the moment. I can’t remember when was the last time that I’ve said anything about running. OK I do admit that I’m really not running much at the moment. Last week I clocked a whole 11km’s for the week!! However I’m just not a cold weather person and I can’t do this early morning runs when the temperatures hover at around 0 degrees.

I have been doing a lot of gym work though and I can already see a difference in the shape of my arms and my stomach. The muscles show much more but I think the weight loss also help with the definition – no more fat hiding the muscles!

On Saturday night we had our after Comrades party and for the first time in my life I received a prize for a sport achievement! Yes I was the first lady in our club to finish Comrades and my prize is a cool R1,000! I really want to buy something special with it but at the moment I have no idea! Any suggestions?

On Sunday Zoe and myself went to a market in Benoni – “Boere meisie mark”. I was a bit disappointed – I suppose because I can knit and sew and bake. Most of the stuff I saw was either ideas from Pinterest or stuff I can make or bake myself. Owls are most definitely the flavour of the day. I did buy Zoe a very cute little owl purse that was crocheted. There was a food stall that sold vetkoek, Zoe asked for one but they were sold out. So I promised her that we’ll make some at home.

And then the carb monster woke up! I made vetkoek and curry mince and cheese. I had 2 in the afternoon and another 2 in the evening. And then I was craving all things weird and wonderful! I then had chocolate and then some Flings and then I craved Coke – however I didn’t give in to the Coke craving – I had cookies and milk instead. Hubby had the exact same problem – vetkoek for lunch and dinner and then anything he could lay his hands on – chocolate, chips, coke etc etc. And then I actually felt sick – nausea and lethargic – now I don’t know if this was actual real physical symptoms or more psychological because I felt so disgusted with myself. Ohh well it’s not although we do it everyday.

And it seems although the strike is still going on….

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9 Responses to Weekend happenings

  1. sharons58 says:

    Yay on your prize! I think that you should buy yourself something appropriate to the prize such as a running shoe charm or pendant. Certainly something that will last.
    Don’t worry about one day of crazy eating, I am sure that you are all back on track today. I have been disappointed with many of the markets I have seen recently, overpriced and not so well made at most. Hugs for you all. xx

  2. charliesbird says:

    The carb monster – yip, I know all about him! I’ve struggled with terrible cravings this week, as we got strict again, with no more cheats! I have to loose this last 5kg now! Vasbyt, it will pass!
    Yes, I’d also recommend something special to remember your incredible achievement with your prize money – something sparkly!

    • runnermum says:

      What I find amazing is that my post nasal drip is about 10 times worse today than any other day. I should really just get on that wagon and stay on it! Or stay away from the Gluten carbs.

      Yes sparkly is the way to go – I wonder if I shouldn’t get something made?

  3. halberts2014 says:

    Oh man, don’t worry about it. I’m not much of a runner either, LOL..
    Save your prize money until you see something you really fancy. Don’t just spend it because it’s burning a hole in you pocket.
    Oohh, yum yum, now I’m hungry

  4. nusha78 says:

    I think I was running around 11kms a week at my very best … 😉
    Congrats on your prize!! Definitely get something that’s for you and something that’s a bit of a spoil … not necessarily practical as we mums tend to do …

    • runnermum says:

      My very best week was 100km’s! 🙂

      When I got the money I immmediately thought I have to pay it off against the car debt but then I decided no – this is for ME!

  5. MamaCat says:

    You are so good with your exercise and eating, one day is fine. I find if I am too strict I am more likely to think about food all the time. Even if I am not hungry. So if I give myself permission to eat it every so often, I do not eat it (I know I am weird).
    You should get some jewelery with your money. Something just for you.

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