I don’t know if you guys have seen the video of the attempted child kidnapping that happened in Pretoria on Monday. I’ve seen it on Facebook and it makes the hair on my head stand up!

It is basically a mom that is standing at a counter with her kids in a trolley. Three people enter the shop and stand around and the mom then leaves the screen of the camera and the next moment one the three people that entered the shop walks out of the shop with the trolley with the kids in it. The mom runs after the woman and takes the trolley back from her! Now how many of us has put our kids in a trolley to contain them and think they are safer? And how could that mom stay so calm – however I don’t know, maybe she was just so shocked and relieved to have her children back that she couldn’t do anything.

This has however made me think about a incident we had a year back over a December holiday.

We were at Tshipise in the north of South Africa. We were there with a friend and his two kids. I was sitting next to the pool, keeping one eye on the kids and one eye on my Kindle. The kids were Zoe (7) and the other two girls were about 9 and 8. They were all on blow up tubes and just floating around holding onto each other. I then saw a lady break up their chain and starting to push Zoe on her tube to the side of the swimming pool. The other two girls jumped off their tubes and followed the lady and I jumped up from the grass. The kids then pulled Zoe back.

And to this day, I still wonder if what I saw was an attempted kidnapping or just somebody that was playing. What would’ve happened if I didn’t look up at that exact moment or if Zoe was alone in the pool or the other girls didn’t intervene.

Something that sometimes keep me awake at night…

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8 Responses to Kidnapping

  1. halberts2014 says:

    All I can say is “don’t you ever touch my kid! I will pummel you with my handbag” No one touches Liam even to pinch his chubby cheeks.
    You can’t trust anyone nowadays, no one

  2. runnermum says:

    I’ve told Zoe that is somebody tries to touch her in a shop she must shout as loudly as possible. And I think I may use more than my handbag to protect Zoe.

    • halberts2014 says:

      Yeah, more than the handbag, but you get my gist. It shouldn’t be like this though. It wasn’t when we were kids. Or were we just unaware of it. I don’t let Liam go across the road without me.

  3. nusha78 says:

    OH MY WORD!! I did not see this or even hear about it! This is beyond scary!
    I am super wary of any strangers approaching my kids or talking to them … I do not trust anyone! I put my kids in the trolley all the time … What is wrong with people?? That they would steal children and then sell them to people that will do unthinkable things to them. Things like this make me lose my hope and trust in humanity!

  4. MamaCat says:

    This is scary…I live in PTA. Hubby and I had this exact fight two weeks ago. I was cross because he does not hold onto the trolley all the time and sometimes parks Honeybear in the trolley while he looks at something on a shelf I was livid.

  5. Deblet says:

    Scary stuff and it can happen so fast

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