NUMSA strike

So yesterday the strike action came literally to the doorstep of my workplace. Now just to give you a bit of background information. The premises where our office and workshop is are shared with a lot of other companies and there are a lot of offices and workshops scattered all over the yard. We are right in the corner furthest away from the gate.

so yesterday morning at about 10 the gate security guard stormed into our office as white as a sheet, OK maybe not white but grey and his sprinted past and locked himself in the bathroom. We were all in the corridor at this time because of a meeting. Knocked on the door and asked him what is wrong and all he could get out was they are coming!

Everybody sprang into action, the one boss shouted at me to phone the police, the workshop manager locked all the black workers in our storeroom and stood in front of the door and then we waited.

To my amazement the 10111 number was answered almost immediately and she gave me a reference number and said the police are on their way. Only problem with the strikers are that they are like locusts, they don’t stay around after the damage was done.

So the boss stood in a doorway between us and the strikers and told them that there is nobody here and they should just leave. For some reason they obeyed him – he is a very big guy so maybe his size was enough to intimidate them.

After they swarmed out of the premises I walked to the other offices and workshop to give them the police reference number, in case they need it for insurance purposes. And this when I got angry.

OK you have the right to strike but that doesn’t give you the right to act like a barbarian. Every window on their path was broken, cars were hit with knobkieries and windscreens broken, the broke all the clocking machines, the broke open toolboxes and stole tools. They urinated on the floors of the workshops where they could get in. In the offices they took laptops, and cleaned out fridges. They kicked in doors and took the cellphones and wallets of every person that was in their way.

Thousands and thousands of rands of damage, not to mention all the data lost and in a week’s time they come back to work with the thin veneer of Super ID back and we all have to work together in harmony again.

Everybody left except me because the other boss told me I have to stay and make payments first. So as the good little worker I did it.

This morning at 6 we receive an e-mail saying that we must come to work but he won’t be in!! So here I am back at work and I can see the NUMSA marshals already starting to congregate at all the gates that I can see so they are on their way again. I’ve hidden my car behind a high wall and we have locked the office door but I don’t really know if that will keep them out.

Anyway guys – let me quickly do what I have to do and then I’m going to leave. A job is not that important.

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15 Responses to NUMSA strike

  1. sharons58 says:

    I am horrified that your boss would leave you in this position!!!! What a terrible thing to endure. So very sorry that you all had to go through this. I have no words to describe what I feel about this type of behaviour. Hugs hope you are home now. xx

  2. MamaCat says:

    It is far too unsafe for you to be there. I do not care who needs what, and you are right, no job is that important. They are already planning your retrenchment and they expect you to put your life in danger.
    Please take care of yourself.

  3. charliesbird says:

    I trust you are safe and home already! Get outta there!

  4. Deblet says:

    Glad you went home,lousy boss leaving you alone in that situation.

  5. halberts2014 says:

    OMG, this is so scary. And disgusting and then the NUMSA leaders say their members are not being violent & destructive. Makes me so cross. Actually effin cross
    Be safe today

  6. nusha78 says:

    So glad you made it safely home!!! Really really glad … that must have been really scary!
    Absolutely cannot BELIEVE your boss made you stay there while everyone else left???? That’s disgusting of him … really!!
    I know exactly what you mean about the violence and vandalism and in this case outright thievery!!! It’s atrocious behaviour! Just because you are striking does NOT give you the right to behave in this way. And then NUMSA will deny and lie and cover it up!! Disgusting!

    Please be safe!! Lots of hugs!

  7. OMW it always get terribly bad there by you, at least here in Centurion they strike and carry on, but mostly leave us alone, all the places in our business park has high gates and electric fences so maybe that scares them a little bit, I know the one day the last time they were striking, they attacked our staff bus after work, my previous boss was on that bus at the time, super scary stuff, she said that, that was the quickest they locked the doors in that bus, but it was shaking so much they thought they were going to tilt. It is just plain barbaric what they are doing, I’m sorry, we are all battling to survive, and yes, make your point, but dont destruct on your path, sies man.

    And what an idiot your boss is?! Ooh it makes me so mad when they do nonsens like that, no job is that important for you to risk you life for it 😦

    Hope this dies down soon, be safe. xxx

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