Why LCHF and sleeping alone

OK so we have survived the first night without Hubby.  I didn’t sleep much, was listening to all the dogs barking in the neighbourhood and holding the panic button in my hand.  Zoe slept in our bed and for some reason she insists on sleeping with her head on my stomach, doesn’t matter how many times I move her back to her pillow!  So yes I do feel quite tired this morning.  Only one more night and then Hubby will be home again – not that I really think it makes a difference to have a man in the house but it makes me feel better.

We have decided to flee the cold this weekend and go to Durban.  I know it is cold there as well but it is still better than Gauteng.  Hopefully I can get a few runs in there, I’m really starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms of not running but it is just too cold here to run.

And now to reflect on the whole Low Carb, High Fat diet. Most people are very surprised that I’m still sticking to it after Comrades.  It seems although most people thought that we’ll revert back to our “normal” eating habits.  But the more research I do on this way of eating and the health benefits the more I realise that this may be the way I going to eat for the rest of my life, because of my family history.  

My dad and his siblings and his parents all had beer bellies, not fat, just these stiff bellies with the skinny legs, which is a sign that they are all insulin resistant and may have an intolerance to gluten.  Then my dad was first diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, then a few years later Type 2 diabetes and then a few years later with Alzheimers.  So 3 terrible diseases in one person.  I’ve started to read the Grain Brain but it is really hard work so I read a chapter every now and again but what stood out to me was that all three the illnesses my dad was diagnosed with can be linked to a severe allergy to grain.  He died in 2004 so there is now way of knowing if it was the case BUT his mother also had Alzheimers.  So there is a pattern and when I tested myself for allergies years and years back it did show that I have an intolerance to wheat.   

So with a family history like that and all the evidence against carbs and the way I feel when I eat carbs and the way I feel when I don’t eat carbs I must say that I think the Low carb, high fat way of eating is here to stay for me personally.  It started as a novelty and an experiment to see if it will make me loose weight and run better but i really feel strongly that it may be the way forward.  Obviously I’m not going to be over the top strict but if I do choose to eat carbs I may choose to rather eat potatoes or rice than something made with wheat.  I find it interesting that more and more pizza places are offering a gluten free option for their pizza bases.  I’ve asked at a few restaurants what they use in the gluten free pizza bases but they always look at me although I’m mad!  They never know!!

And I think I may have found a way to sneak some veggies into Hubby’s and Zoe’s diet.  If I make cauliflower mash and then use it as a thickener in the sauces for curries and stew or even soup, they shouldn’t notice it.  I’m going to try it and see if it works, I’ll just have to wait until I’m alone in the kitchen to pop it into the pot.  

OK and there is another unaccounted 30 minutes for my timesheet! 😉





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8 Responses to Why LCHF and sleeping alone

  1. halberts2014 says:

    It is terribly chilly. My fingers feel like they are going to snap while typing.
    I am the last to talk about diets or LCHF (which I’ve realised just a few day ago means Low Carb High Fat, haha)

  2. MamaCat says:

    I wish I could get a trip to Durban too, though I hear it was raining too, from my parents. Honeybear sleeps on my arm or even crawls onto me and sleeps on me. I end up often sleeping on the bedside table. I think it is child thing.
    I am still trying to make the LCHF thing work. Small steps. I think you know it works for you so you should try to stick by it,

  3. JessV says:

    Love your idea to use cauliflower mash as a thickener in soups and stews, yes!!! Definitely going to try it too!!
    I’ve started cutting white carbs this week, and honestly, I already feel less sluggish, the difference is amazing.
    Enjoy Durbs!

  4. nusha78 says:

    Mum left for Durbs today 😦
    It is much too cold here … work is miserable cos the heater in my office doesn’t even work so I sit with at my desk with my scarf and coat on all day long!!
    Hope you sleep a bit better tonight!! Mister also sleeps on my arm or on my chest … they must like the closeness with mummy 🙂 or the added warmth!!
    Enjoy durbs!!! 🙂

    • runnermum says:

      This cold is getting to me. I almost sitting on my heater and I can actually feel how I’m turning into biltong because the air is so dry but at least it’s warm.

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