Trains, cookie monsters, scared

So work is an absolute nightmare – I’ve always protected the people that I work with but since the bosses are absolutely out to get me to resign at the moment I have now decided to throw a few people under the wheels of the train as well.  I’m done protecting and I’m done doing your work for you or begging you to do your work right.  So we can all be smashed by the train’s wheels together- goodness this does make me sound like an absolutely horrible person but the amount of pressure at work is absolutely crazy!  But if I can run Comrades I can survive this.

After being so good for the first 6 months on this LCHF way of eating I have now fallen of the wagon completely.  I do think it may be the cold but all I can think of at the moment is cookies – any shape, any type, any flavour.  Who can remember those wafer biscuits that came in pink, white and brown in one packet, I would even eat those now or an iced zoo!  Just not ginger biscuits.  Or a sugar cookies or a lemon cream dipped in tea. Drool drool drool!

We live in an enclosed area but for the past 2 weeks there has been break-ins almost every night.  Luckily the criminals are of the type to quickly get in, grab a few things and then run again.  However they are getting more and more brazen.  Hubby is away for the rest of the week and I’m really so uncomfortable with the situation – we do have panic buttons and we do have the dogs and we have put those lock thingies on the all the sliding doors and the safety gate between the bedrooms and the living areas but is it enough?  What will I do if they do break in and it is only Zoe and myself?  I can see I’m not going to sleep much for the rest of the week, going to listen and wait….

Ohh we have finally decided to just get the toilet fixed.  What an enormous bill and the guys stood and waited until they got confirmation from their head office that I have actually paid before they started the job.  Ohh well I suppose that is good business management – they never have to worry about bad debt.

Would you take a job just to earn an income or would you say now because you feel you are worth more.  There is a guy in our running club, unemployed and then somebody in the club offered him a job and he declined because the salary was too small.  Huh – isn’t anything better than nothing – I can’t really understand that attitude.

Anyway – I can’t spend too long on this – we now have to complete timesheets and it is kind of difficult to explain that I’m writing on my blog,

Stay warm!





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3 Responses to Trains, cookie monsters, scared

  1. halberts2014 says:

    No one is going to remember you saved them and they sure aren’t trying to save you. Gosh, I sound just as mad as you 🙂
    Ugh, hate lemon creams !
    Keep safe while hubby is away. Is there a chance that someone can stay with you while he’s away?
    That guy in your running club sound like Louse. He’s worth more than say R5000 but that’s more that what is getting now. Makes no sense *shaking head*
    Keep well

  2. nusha78 says:

    No you don’t sound horrible … you shouldn’t have to take the fall for other people’s lousy work ethic!!!
    My kids go nuts for lemon creams 🙂 Ginger cookies are the only ones I don’t really like …
    The safety issue is frightening … I hate that we always feel afraid and nervous at night!
    I don’t understand that mentality at all either! Surely getting SOME income is better than NO income?? And surely while you’re earning a small income you can still look out for something better??? It astounds me really … my brother was like that when he was unemployed as well!! The mind boggles!

  3. MamaCat says:

    I think you have to look out for yourself. You have a family that you need to take care of.
    I love plain old butter biscuits, or those plain shortbread from Woolies.
    As Helen says: Someone to to stay with you while your Hubby is away?
    I would say something is better than nothing in terms of income….as long as your transport, etc to get to work is still covered.

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