This that and the other

This is just going to be rambling post about all the happenings.

We organised to have the trailer tent thingy taken for a roadworthy certificate today and Hubby hooked it onto the car for me this morning.  When we got in the car I said to Zoe that we should just keep on driving until we hit somewhere warm and just stay there.  She wasn’t very impressed because we didn’t pack any clothes.  I said to her we can just buy a bikini each and we should be fine.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do something so impulsive every now and again?  We do have a dream of traveling all over in our trailer when we are older.  Take a gap year and do things.

Zoe has her first school project – she has to make a house out of recyclable materials.  Now I love things like that but surely they should give us more than a week to give us opportunity to collect recyclable materials.  Luckily we have an old shoe box for the house and she is going to have milk bottle trees, coffee grounds gardens and egg shell paths.  The roof of the house will be made from egg shell cartons.  Now I’m just trying to think of a recyclable material that I can use for grass.  We are going to use old cling wrap to build a fish pond as well and some cling wrap for the windows of the house.   Any other great ideas?

People keep on asking me why this year’s Comrades was so different from the previous 4.  It is a really difficult question.  Firstly I made a decision when I entered that I won’t place any pressure on myself this year, if I don’t feel like running I won’t and I won’t run as many long distances as other years.  So I was most definitely more relaxed, however I did do the most mileage this year.  And then I think the big thing was the “Way of Eating”.  I have lost about 10% of my body weight and I’ve been eating the LCHF way since January. 

Speaking of the LCHF diet, last week we decided to introduce carbs back into our diet because Comrades is very far and we felt that we may need the additional quick energy that carbs provide.  So we started to eat carbs on Wednesday and let me tell you it was a disaster.  Both of us had insomnia, we were bloated and constipated and worst of all, we were hungry ALL the time, the growling of our stomach would actually wake us at 3 in the mornings – that is if we were sleeping which didn’t really happen often. And now my carb monster is alive and well again – I can’t stop stuffing my face with cookies and chocolate.  However as always I’m not going to be too hard on myself – I’m going to give myself this week to eat what I want when I want and then from next week I’ll be a little bit more strict on the way of eating.

Am I the only one that gets sooooooo extremely tired of asking the same thing over and over again? Zoe pick up your school clothes, Zoe pick up the towel, Zoe switch off the lights, Zoe close the cupboard doors, Zoe take your plate to the kitchen, Zoe put your homework in your school bag?  Urrgghhh I feel like a moaning hag!  So I’ve devised a plan.  I have two jars.  I put 50 R1 coins in the one jar and every time I have to tell Zoe to do something I take a R1 out of the one jar and put in the other jar.  At the end of the week, she gets the jar with the R1’s left and I get the jar with the “punishment” money!  We’ve implemented it from yesterday and she has already lost 8 R1 coins but let me tell you if she hear me open those jars she jumps to go and rectify the problem.  And now obviously in our house it is turning into a game.  Every time Hubby does something “wrong” I say I’m going to take R1 from him and every time I do something “wrong” he threatens to take R1 from me.  Let’s see if it works – I think the big thing with kids are that these type of things need to become a habit. 

My legs have recovered and I’m walking like a normal person again today.  What a relief!  The biggest plus of this Comrades is that I have no blisters and it seems although all 10 toenails are going to stay on as well!  Wonderful, at least my feet will look OK.

Brrrrr seems although the first cold front is on it’s way.  I think Saturday will be spend in the bedroom in front of the fireplace recuperating and spending quality time with Zoe.  Maybe play Monopoly with her.  I really don’t like board games, except Scrabble and Zoe is forever begging me to play Monopoly with her. 

And now I better get some work done – have a great day.

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12 Responses to This that and the other

  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL, I’m wondering where you will find somewhere warm at this time of year.
    Got any green plastic you can cut up for grass? Or those green garden bags?
    I asked not so long ago “when does asking become nagging” Good luck with that. Our “weird neighbours” do the jar thing with their kids, but with beans. I’m not sure if it works, but hey, it’s worth a try. I just do it myself, easier, faster and less noise / complaining. I know this is wrong.

    • runnermum says:

      You are a genius! Off course a green black bag or even a shopping bag – isn’t Woolies bags green?

      Way way up north in South Africa will still be relatively warm.

      Hmmm I think money may be more successful than beans. I have done everything myself up to this year but then I realised that Zoe needs to learn these things and I need to do it now!

  2. MamaCat says:

    A quick reply for now: sawdust coloured with green food coloring works well for grass….or you can also colour dessicated coconut with food colouring. Or get sand (like the kiddies playing sand) and drop in foor colouring. Any of the coloured items can be mixed with wood glue and spread where you need it. The glue dries clear and hard so the grass does not fall off.
    She could use stones for paving, or the sand with glue and then just draw line through it while it is wet. Or better yet, put the sand on you walls for a brick effect.
    You can also use the hard plastic you get in packaging for windows.
    Take the bristles of an old broom and you can make it into a thatch roofed house. Aff plastic for roof lights (skylights)
    Matchsticks for a fence or you could use toothpicks.
    Sosatie sticks make a good verandah pergola or garden screen.
    Wire/paper clips/ hairpins for burglar bars.
    Broken glass mixed with glue can be spread out for a pool and then you can add some plastic over the top of it.
    The inside of the long life milk box is silver. You can score lines in it and use it for a corrugated metal roof.
    Real twigs with the grass mix make trees. Or use old beads/buttons.

    • runnermum says:

      Ohhh my goodness – you guys are all amazing! Thank you so much!

    • nusha78 says:

      I just had to say WOW MC!! These are amazing ideas … did you just come up with all of that on the spot??? Seriously impressive! I would have had to Google it … I wasn’t it the crafty creative queue when they were dishing out that talent!! 🙂

      • MamaCat says:

        Lol, Yes Nusha it was an on the spot comment. I only know these things because I spent five years at varsity constructing building models…when you are a struggling student you have to find cheap ways to do things.

  3. MamaCat says:

    Oh my word, that was a mini blog…sorry!

  4. Glad I found you this morning! Sounds like a fun project for her – is she in grade 1 this year? I also have a grade 1. And I hate the winter and the cold.

    • runnermum says:

      Glad to see you! yes Zoe is in Grade 1 and thanks to MC, I can’t wait to get home this afternoon! Big thing is that I’m not allowed to build anything, I’m only there to advise and lead! I don’t know how I’m going to manage that.

  5. nusha78 says:

    Wow do your toenails usually fall off after Comrades????? OUCH!!!
    I need to try harder to convince my family about the LCHF diet thing …

    You are certainly not the only one that has to repeat things … it gets so tiresome and I really hate sounding like a nag … really really hate it! The coin jar idea is great …. wonder if I should try this with my girls or if they are a little young? I still need to sort their bank accounts … sigh … I keep forgetting this!

    Keep warm this weekend … it’s going to get verrrry cold! I miss Durbs during our Jhb winters!

    • runnermum says:

      I’m normally without a toenail or two – I think the record is 3 missing at one time. However this year I haven’t lost one yet.

      I think your girls may be a little too small. I’m using money and then explaining to Zoe what she can buy with R50 and then I also show her in shops what she can buy. For example: she really wants one of those model colouring books – they are about R100, so I said to her that she has to be very good for 2 weeks and then she can buy one herself.

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