Zoe is a shark and LCHF

Goodness I completely forgot to tell you that Zoe is like a shark – she is developing two rows of teeth.  The baby teeth in front that is very loose but she is too scared to allow us to pull it out and now the grown up teeth has started to grow out behind the baby teeth.  I really do hope that the grown up teeth will move to the front once the baby teeth finally falls out on their own accord.

The LCHF thing is not really enforced at the moment.  With all the upheaval at work and the stress of Comrades, I’ve fallen back into the rut of comforting eating.  I’m scoffing down cookies, chocolate, cakes, chips and muffins.  Mealtimes are still fine and I’m sticking to the high fat, no carbs regime there but the rest of the time is a disaster.  Bad thing at the moment is that I’m so paranoid about germs that I actually throw my food away if somebody comes into my office and talk just close to the food so I don’t think I’m even eating enough.

OK that last sentence really make me look like an obsessive compulsive but some days I do think that I am.

The scale has also reflected that I’m not eating enough and I’m now either just under 58 or just above 58kg’s. 

I should really make a batch of fat bombs again.  I should actually make a sweet batch and a savoury batch and if I want to comfort eat I should rather grab one of those – it does fill me up a lot and you can only eat that much fat anyway.

Do you also find the size difference in one age group amazing?  I always think that Zoe is actually quite tall for her age and she was born in January which means she has an advantage over kids born in December.  But there are girls in her age group that is playing netball that is at least a head taller than her!  Amazing and then there are little kids that is about a head smaller than Zoe.  Shame they do have a distinct disadvantage when trying to defend the ball.  However they do make up for it with the grit, spunk and determination.

OK this was written yesterday, since then Zoe has pulled her own tooth out during break at school.  So the mouse came to visit last night.

Electricity cables were stolen in the night and the whole of the south of Boksburg is without electricity.  So I feel so dirty this morning because we couldn’t shower although I did take a bath last night before we went to bed.  The lack of coffee is also catching up with me.  Well I don’t think the cable thief will try and take cables again – he was found in the veld with severe burns all over his body.

Comrades training is now over and I really just have to stay healthy and injury free for the next 10 days.  I’m struggling a bit with sinus but that is purely because of the dirty air here in Gauteng and all the veld fires.

Is it my imagination or are the veld fires particularly early and extreme this year?

Well that is all the news from my side.  Work is still strange but I’m just keeping my head down and working.

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6 Responses to Zoe is a shark and LCHF

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Our niece has two rows of teeth also. I suppose as long as they don’t interfere with the big teeth but perhaps a visit to the dentist isn’t a bad idea?
    I’ve also become a bit of a germophobe. I have a bottle of waterless hand sanitizer on my desk and walk around opening doors with my sleeves.
    Liam is taller than all the kids in his class. Some turned 4 this year and others will be 6 towards the end of the year. He’ll be 5 in July. He’s taller and bigger than all the others, but he doesn’t have small parents. DH and I are both 6ft
    What is it with these people and cable theft ?
    No fires in PE. Too wet and cold

    • runnermum says:

      Well with such tall parents Liam is not going to be a small kiddy isn’t it? Hubby is tall and I’m kind of medium but I think Zoe is going to be more like her dad.

      I’m so glad there are other germophobes – I do feel quite strange sometimes, when I whip out the wipes to wipe my credit card when the cashier coughs over it.

  2. MamaCat says:

    Maybe take her to the dentist, because you do not want the new teeth all crooked because they do not have enough space to grow.
    I remember the size difference. I am born in August and we sucked at netball most of the time because the other teams were so much bigger than we were. I gave it up in high school because we just did not seem to catch up.
    Sorry about the cable theft, I am sure the thief would have not done it if he knew his future. That is horrible retribution!

    • runnermum says:

      It is terrible for him and I always just think about the small amount of money he would’ve received for the piece of cable he stole, just another victim of the sad social situation in our country.

      And as you say you never really catch up once you are short, you basically stay short.

  3. Rox says:

    The variation in sizes of children the same age astounds me, isn’t genetics amazing!! I have no advice on the teeth front, but she can’t be the only one, maybe a quick dentist visit would help to ease any concerns (says me who hates going to the dentist).

    Try not to stress too much about not getting the eating 100% at the moment, you have quite a lot of stress on your plate and are only human. I am sure you’ll get back into you LCHF groove soon!

  4. Deblet says:

    Wobbly teeth freak me out totally,so glad LO pulls them out once the very wobbly.
    Glad you are watching the germs there is nothing worse than doing all that preparation and training and then to end up sick before the run,this has happened to BIL a few times.
    LO is a head taller than the kids in her grade,but then Hubbie is194cm tall!

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