All the happenings

So I was under the impression that my last day at work is the 30th of June, well today I had to book myself in for training in July – yes HUH?  So I’m just going to take it one day at a time and not stress about it at all.

I have decided though to be pro-active and I have actually gone and talked to the local high school’s principal this morning.  Yes I know, a little know fact about me is that I’ve done a post graduate teaching diploma, so I have the papers but not the experience.  But if you really think about it, teaching is perfect, the school is 500m’s from my house, it gives me freedom over the school holidays to be with Zoe AND I can coach the long distance running kids and get my exercise in like that! 🙂  

11 days to Comrades – I can’t believe this.  How did we manage to get halfway through the year with the blink of an eye.  The butterflies are swarming in my stomach and I’m replaying last year’s fiasco of a run the whole time.  I’m actually feeling quite sick just sitting here thinking about it.

Zoe has to dress like a cowboy for civvies day on Friday.  She is such a pain about those things, I kind of expect her to say that she would rather go in her school clothes than go as a cowboy.

My head is so over the place that I can’t even read a book or knit – I’m just sitting in front of the TV staring at it – most definitely not the way I normally am.

In response to Deblet’s challenge about World Baking day – I baked chocolate cupcakes for a friend’s child – the same that I baked a few weeks back for the charity child at school.  Once again very yummy.

Urrgghhh go to go and buy food this afternoon – bread and milk is finished and there is no meat in the freezer.  And the veggies all look particularly sad and droopy.  Zoe got a cupcake and cheese to school this morning! 🙂


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10 Responses to All the happenings

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Huh indeed. What are they playing at. I would still persue other avenues though, it’s obviously not a stable work environment. The school thing sounds perfect.

    • runnermum says:

      Well I’m holding thumbs for some school to get back to me – I just can’t imagine myself with the tiny kids. I think I’ll be better with teenagers.

  2. sharons58 says:

    So very odd about work!! I think the idea of teaching is brilliant! Many positive blessings and love on their way to you. xx

  3. MamaCat says:

    If the TV is what it takes for the little while, then just sit there and stare if it makes you feel better.
    It is good you are a being proactive.
    DO you not get a letter? Which states your last day of work? hen I resigned, I handed in a letter and HR then replied with a letter confirming which was y last day (especially important when it comes to termination leave payout)

  4. Deblet says:

    Comrades will be a breeze ,just another little fun run from Durbs to Maritzburg(or is the other way this year,never remember)
    Job hunting sounds like a good idea and teaching is perfect when you have your own school kiddie,good luck.
    Themed civvies days are a pain,just let them wear what they want!

  5. nusha78 says:

    Very odd about work. They really should give you an official letter of some sort. This must be so frustrating and confusing.
    Teaching is a great alternative. I actually started my post grad diploma in teaching as well. Did all the course work but didn’t do the practicals so didn’t officially get the actual diploma. I can’t imagine being in a room of tiny kids either … so my plan was to teach math and science at high school level 🙂

    My friend that’s doing her first Comrades is soooooo nervous about it … and she hurt her knee last week so she’s a little worried about whether she is going to make it as well.

    My girls birthday party is this weekend and its a Cowgirl Party 🙂 I didn’t get anything special but found a couple of really cute denim shirts in Mr Price … so they will wear those with their jeans and winter boots, and hats from the the Crazy Store.

    • runnermum says:

      Yes the work thing is very odd.

      Those practicals were very interesting when I was 20 and some of the boys in MAtric was 20 as well. Luckily now I’m older and wiser.

      Tell your friend it is completely normal to feel all these aches and pains now – somebody said the other day he is going to put Deep Heat on his head to get rid of the niggles because they all start in his brain! 🙂

      I must say the cowboy thing is quite easy because all the kids have boots and jeans, and we bought her a cowboy straw hat ages ago so she is sorted for civvies day tomorrow, now I must just remember to get her to put it on tommorrow morning.

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