The week that is thankfully almost over

So after Monday whinge post I think things went even more south.

Tuesday morning, switch on my work computer and there is nothing – dead as a doorknob or is it nail?  Anyway – phoned the IT people it took them 3 hours to get here.

I now once again have a new boss and he is the type that will make you sit at work for all your work hours even if you can’t do anything.  So I sat at my desk reading my kindle.  The worst is that he kept on coming into my office asking me things and when I can’t answer him because I don’t have a computer he gets irritated with me.

Tuesday afternoon – due to Zoe’s mom’s incompetence and inability to receive all correspondence from the netbal, she was demoted to a spare player instead of being in the A team – so we drove about 20km’s for her to play 5 minutes – well at least she enjoyed the 5 minutes.  Got to the car – her foot slipped when she got in the car and she hits her shin against the body of the car – bruised shin and the next morning she can barely walk because her quad hurts.  So now the leg is still sore and she has to play netball again tomorrow!  I can’t allow her not to play – or can I?  Goodness, I’m so bad with this team sport thing – running is so solitary and you can do it when you want, if you want.

Anyway Wednesday and Thursday I sat at work without anything to do and just taking abuse from the new boss.  If I had a computer yesterday I may have typed my resignation letter but then I decided no – if they want to get rid of me, they can retrench me and at least I can get all my leave pay and 6 weeks retrenchment money.  They even fought with me because I took a day out to do the IRP5 submissions!  I wonder what they’ll do if I don ‘t do it! 

And then the computer people brought my computer back yesterday afternoon and I was promptly called to come in and do some work.  They couldn’t wait until this morning!!  The only silver lining is that the hard drive of the computer is fine – so I still have all my work.

And now I’m sitting here looking at all the piles and piles of work and I wonder if I should even do it because we were already told we won’t get paid at the end of the month and the retrenchments are still looming as well.

Goodness what a $%%^%&.  Can’t say it.

What a whingey post!  Sorry guys.

I went for a Vit B injection yesterday and that is like an instant mood lifter so hopefully today will seem better.  

And the nerves around Comrades is incomprehensible – every time I see something about it – the butterflies in my stomach take flight!  I really really hope the run is better than last year.

On some good news – the cat is better, Jack is better and we took delivery of our camping tent trailer thingy yesterday!  

Have a wonderful weekend – Deblet challenged me on Facebook to bake something for someone else on Sunday.  As luck would have it I promised some cupcakes to a friends daughter for her birthday so I’m all sorted.  I’m thinking of doing some cookie confetti as well – the poor kid – they’ve been having a real tough time with their mom and the upheaval around her attempted suicide so I want to try and make it as special as possible for her.





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8 Responses to The week that is thankfully almost over

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Computers can be your best friend and then your worst enemy. Pffft, modern technology.
    Ouchies, poor Zoe’s leg, ooooh.
    Hope the cupcakes lift up the mood. Sounds like such a sad situation
    Here’s to a better day

    • runnermum says:

      Yes poor old Zoe – she even cried and if she cries you know something is really wrong.

      The best of all was that the computer was just extremely dusty inside and that caused it to stop working!

      Chocolate, caramel, and cupcakes – it must be a mood lifter!

  2. MamaCat says:

    Oh Computers! and a silly boss.
    Do not beat yourself up about netball. She is young and has time to catch up.
    Enjoy baking.
    Now you need to prep for the camping trip.

    • runnermum says:

      The whole guest room is full of stuff that we want to pack in the trailer – it is actually quite nice – it is like having an extra room in the house – now all our camp stuff, gas bottles, everything will be moved out of the guest room and garage and into the trailer!

      I can’t wait to bake – it is such a relaxing soothing thing to do.

  3. charliesbird says:

    What an awful week! But its almost over and Comrades is just around the corner!

  4. Deblet says:

    Yah for taking up the baking challenge.
    You are so right about team sports it’s so difficult to make a call to let them play or not,with MK she has no choice she is the goalie so no replacement.
    Read your later post first so know things at work have gone downhill,sorry man.

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