Running, LCHF, and other stuff

I planned to run only 24km’s on Thursday, saw a friend that was trying to run 64km’s – she was halfway there and I decided on the spur of the moment to join her.  So I trotted next to her for 36km’s!  Did another 32km’s on Sunday and I’m feeling fine.  It is fantastic to get to the stage where it just feels although you can keep on running forever.  Good thing actually since Comrades is in less than 4 weeks.  I actually can’t believe that it is so close.  This year has really wizzed past.  Now I just have to make sure I keep away from anybody and everybody that may have a cold or the flu. 

I’ve lost another kg last week.  It feels so good but it is annoying as well, my beloved yoga pants are now just way too big – they actually fall off.  So I’m now wearing gym tights – doesn’t feel right but goodness I can’t go and buy all new clothes now, work clothes will have to be a priority.

I’ve baked a lovely no carb bread over the weekend – I don’t have the recipe with me but will post it tomorrow – really really tasty and brilliant to soak up all those lovely creamy buttery sauces!  I tried to make pork belly on Saturday night but it wasn’t a gigantic success – I think it needs to be cooked slower to have the fat rendered.  Ohh well it is such a cheap cut of meat – I’ll try it again.

It seems although the dogs and their ailments are sorted but I really do think the cat is now on borrowed time.  After spending the whole weekend at the vets, they have send her home with some pills.  Her one kidney is completely enlarged -you can actually see it from the outside and she is losing weight.  So she is getting her tablet with tuna in the mornings but I don’t know how long she’ll be able to hold one.  Well she is 14 years old and the vet just said that they don’t really do any invasive surgery on such an old animal.

Hubby bought one of those trailer thingies with the tent on it!  So I suppose we are now going to turn into campers!  At least the bed on the trailer is a nice big one, so I’ll make sure to go and buy nice bedding for it and then I don’t have to wonder who else has slept on the bed, but now I’ll have to share the bathrooms with numerous other people and wonder what they are up to!  Urrgh bring on the dettol and the flip flops!

I took a day’s leave on the 2nd of May and before I knew it I was busy sorting out cupboards.  Goodness it is scary how much stuff we collect.  I took a full car load of stuff to the SPCA on Friday and the car is full again – I must leave work now to go and drop it off at their shop.  And still the house feels too full and crammed.  So I suppose another day of leave may make a bigger dent in all the junk.

The ex-wife of a friend tried to commit suicide this weekend.  I don’t know how I feel about it, I do feel sorry for her but I just don’t think it is fair on the children to have their mom remove herself from this mortal coil.  Surely a broken mom is better than no mom or am I judging to harshly?

Goodness my English teacher will give me a fail mark for this post.  There is no logical beginning, middle, or end.  Ohh well it is just all the news.

Have a great day!  And go and vote on Wednesday – every vote counts!

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5 Responses to Running, LCHF, and other stuff

  1. Deblet says:

    Flip you sure are running a lot these days seems like Comrades will be a breeze.
    Shame poor cat sounds serious,horrible when they get old.
    Sounds like you will be camping from now on….never fancied one of those trailers we would still need a tent as well for all our brood.
    I always think suicide is a selfish way out,my one cousins husband committed suicide and she was ever the same afterwards and had to deal with his kids from his previous marriage too(ex wife was also deceased)

    • runnermum says:

      Eish you must be in a really dark place to leave your kids orphaned – can’t even think about it.

      For now Zoe is just going to sleep with us in the tent but when you have three it is a bit more difficult. I like the idea of having a little kitchen fitted out and not to have to pack / unpack everything for every trip.

  2. charliesbird says:

    I’m waiting with bated breath for that recipe! Sounds great!
    And well done on the training – an inspiration.

  3. runnermum says:

    In today’s blog… 🙂

  4. MamaCat says:

    You are really flying with the comrades preparation! The poor cat. I think you are going to have a decision to make soon. That is tough. I like camping except for the shared bathroom. We are planning more camping trips (hopefully)

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