Did you hear the almighty crash last night at around 7? That was me falling of the low carb high fat wagon.  We had a social at the running club and the food was pizza, proper pizza and Cokes!  So I had pizza and Coke!  And this morning at 1 I woke up and I was ravenous!  Amazing what an influence carbs have on your system.  I’ve eaten until I was full last night but because I ate carbs I was hungry within about 6 hours.  Normally I would actually get to work and only be hungry at around 9 in the morning

I work in a completely male dominated office.  Which means that I don’t really have any women to talk to, so I’m really completely cut off from the world of women.  However since going to my mom’s office every morning since Zoe went to school, has opened my eyes to the sub-culture of diets.  I sit in that office and I’m left with my mouth hanging open, it absolutely scary how desperate women are to lose weight.  Driving hundreds of kilometres and spending thousands to get to their ideal weight, and then they get there and they drop the diet and within six months they are back where they started.  How incredibly messed up are their bodies from the constant yo-yo of diet and starvation and supplements and pills and and and.

I’ve tried to explain to somebody last night that we aren’t dieting but has made a decision to change our lifestyle.  We are now like a Muslim who doesn’t eat pork – we try not to eat carbs.  It is not something that is sustainable all the time but when we can, we’ll make the choices to support our lifestyle.

Whoo hoo – tonight we are off to Cape Town – We are only flying at 21:15 so it is going to be a very long day.  Tomorrow Zoe is going to run the 2.9km Two Oceans race for kiddies – she is very excited about that because then she can say that she has ran Two Oceans as well!

Zoe can’t wait for Easter because the previous time we stayed in the hotel they couldn’t stop giving her Easter Eggs, every time we walked into the lobby she was handed another Easter egg and I’m not talking about cheap little eggs but proper chocolatier Easter eggs.  They never gave me one ;-(

So in 48 hours I’ll be running and will most probably continue for another 4 and a half hours – I’m planning to run slowly and enjoy the good weather, the views, the atmosphere and not worry about the clock at all.   It is way too close to Comrades to race.


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8 Responses to CRASH!!!!

  1. sharons58 says:

    Will be thinking of you all on your Two Oceans adventure. Loads of blessings and love to you and Zoe for a very Happy Easter!!!

  2. MamaCat says:

    Good Luck with the 2 oceans. I hope the weather holds out for you.

  3. charliesbird says:

    Good luck, I hope the race and Cape Town treats you well!

  4. nusha78 says:

    All the best for your run!! And yay for Zoe running her first Two Oceans too 🙂

  5. debraaukett says:

    Hmmm did you say pizza? Yummy! Also trying to cut out carbs and sugar out of my diet and trying to eat the Paleo way… not always easy as people don’t understand the health benefits, but it’s definitely doing me a word’s good.

    Good luck with the Two Oceans tomorrow!

    • runnermum says:

      Hi Debra, thanks for visiting. I am most definitely a fan of the low carb high fat diet – the benefits are amazing.

      thanks Two Oceans were amazing as always!

  6. halberts2014 says:

    Yeah, it’s not a diet, just a healthier way of eating. Healthy choices make a huge difference and doesn’t sound as rigid as being on a diet

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