Zoe and her knitting, age is but a number and more cookies

Zoe has asked me to teach her to knit for about two years now.  I really though her hands were too small and promised to teach her when she is 10.  Well about a month ago I just couldn’t cope with the nagging anymore and I showed her with thick wool and thick needles.  It was a bit of a disaster but I left it at that and just told her not to knit too much because her hands will get sore.

Well the next afternoon my mom was at my house and she showed Zoe again and Zoe just caught on and has been knitting since.

What I find a bit perturbing is that she has an incredible self-discipline and focus.  She started to knit her gloves last week Sunday and then when we told her how cold it is on a skate rink and she decided that she need to finish the gloves before the following Saturday because she wants to wear gloves that she knitted herself.

Every free moment she had she will sit down with her knitting and she will knit, on Saturday morning she asked Hubby to put a movie on the TV and while the movie was showing she knitted.  And she finished the gloves in time for the ice skating.

I really find it amazing that such a small child can have such focus.  She has now decided on everything she wants to knit.  She can’t write yet but she has drawn pictures of everything she wants to knit with numbers to indicate importance next to it.  I look at the list and thinks that she is going to knit non-stop for the next 3 years!  She even wants to knit jerseys for Jack and Daisy – they are going to love those chew toys.

I must admit that I sometimes feel that we are trying too hard to raise her as an average child because the indications are there that she is exceptionally gifted.  And I know we all think our children are amazing but I can say that from an objective point of view.  However we really do not want to push her too hard and too early – she’ll just lose all interest.  Like Hubby with his cricket and tennis. 

Hopefully she’ll find her niche in time and we can then encourage that.

We have an 18 year old girl that has started to run with us and she is just incapable of calling us by our names.  The poor child must say the words “oom” and “tannie” about hundred times in a run.  Last night I said to her that I’m more than twice her age – she absolutely refused to believe me!  All she could say when I told her that I’m 39 is: “Haai Tannie” – I had to giggle at that.  Goodness we must seem ancient to her.  And then she was also very surprised to find out that I’m not a Stay at home mum – because of all the stuff I do like knit and bake and homework she just assumed that I don’t work.  I actually feel quite good about that because I don’t want to be defined by my job alone.

A lady has asked me to bake her cupcakes for a bridal shower but she needs it for the day after we come back from Cape Town so it will be almost impossible to bake and ice it in time for the shower.  So instead I baked her some cookie confetti – now I can hear you say what is that.  Well you know the little confetti things they sprinkle on tables as decorations?  It is normally the age of the person or hearts for Valentines Day etc.  Well I baked chocolate sugar cookies that is about a centimeter in diameter, there were a few bigger ones as well and then I iced it with pink royal icing.  She can now sprinkle those on the table.

I taken a picture but it doesn’t really show how incredibly tiny these cookies are.  And my icing skills are really not up to scratch either!


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5 Responses to Zoe and her knitting, age is but a number and more cookies

  1. Deblet says:

    Wow those cookies must be tricky to make,great idea.
    Zoe sure seems hooked on knitting.

  2. MamaCat says:

    I like the idea of cookie confetti. I like to ice cookies, but it takes patience I do not always have. I think I must bake and freeze and ice when I ma not tired after baking.
    Let Zoe do the knitting and introduce her to following patterns. I think it is a dying art.

  3. halberts2014 says:

    Sorry, I’m reading all your blogs backwards.
    Knitting, blegh. I had a Nan that knitted and a Mom that sewed so I never really took interest in it. I’m sorry now because I’m having problems finding clothes that fit Liam. I would love to be able to run up a pair of tracksuit pants. He has legs like a rugby player and the clothes just seem to get longer, never actually bigger.

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