Injuries in the household and a generous child

At Zoe’s school they have a program where you “adopt” a needy child and help out, not with school fees but with things like paying for special events at school, giving pocket money for the tuck shop and then on their birthday’s baking cupcakes and giving the child a present.

So I have “adopted” a child.  You know nothing about this child except their age, sex and birthday.  And here is my dilemma now.

The school gave me a grade 5 boy!  What do I know about boys?  His birthday is on the 15th of April.  So what do I buy him for a birthday gift?  And then do I bake cupcakes – which I think is a bit girly or do I bake brownies and package it individually in nice cellophane or do I bake cookies and give each child a few cookies?  Or am I now overthinking this whole thing and should I rather just bake chocolate cupcakes, slap some caramel condensed milk on top and call it a day?

And then is R20 a week enough for tuck shop?  Zoe only uses R5 a week but then she does have some strange ideas about what she wants.  If I give her more, she literally gives it to the first child that ask her for it! 

Zoe is a peculiar child, on Monday we didn’t have bread in the house – luckily we had some cupcakes left over from the picnic and I packed that – yes I know – terrible mother but that was the way the cookie crumbled on Monday morning.  Well she got home absolutely ravenous because the other children bugged her to give them her cupcakes and after a while she was so tired of them asking that she gave it to them and she went hungry for the whole day!

What an afternoon did we have yesterday?  OK so the freaking Land Rover is in for something or the other AGAIN!  Look I love our car but my brand loyalty is most certainly waning in the aftermath of the 5ht time this year that we have to take it back episodes.

Anyway so I’m without a car at the moment.  Luckily my mom was at my house because the plan was for me to go and run in the evening and she would watch Zoe.  So Zoe is sitting on the carpet doing homework and I could actually see the red bumps coming out on her skin.  I would look away and the next moment when I look back there will be another one.

So I phoned the doctor and luckily they could fit us in almost straight away.  When we wanted to leave, I chased the dogs out and Jack couldn’t get up.  I had to physically lift him up to get him to go out.  So I took Zoe to the doctor and then the pharmacy – it is some kind of fungus skin problem – she most probably picked it up from the sand when we went down to the coast.  And then even though we are on medical aid – R500 down.

Got home, Jack is still limping.  Said to my mom she better stay home with Zoe and I better take Jack to the vet.  I had to pick him up to put him in the car and remember this dog weighs about 44kg’s!  At the vet he jumped out and greeted everybody and didn’t even limp!  Huh?  Anyway vet couldn’t see anything wrong but gave him an anti-inflammatory and cortisone injection.  Another R500 later. 

And then I wanted to run and after about 300m’s I realised that running is not going to happen – my twisted ankle is just too sore!  So no running for me!

And then Daisy the Border collie has been licking and licking a spot on her back.  We cut all the hair away and there is a sore – I’m kind of thinking that Jack may have bitten her – he gets very excited when there are dogs on the street and he can’t get to them and he then takes his frustration out on Daisy.  So now she has a massive bald spot on her back.

What a bunch of crocks are we.

Dinner?  Goodness now I can’t remember, let me think…..  Ohhh yes not really carb free or high fat (well the right sort of fat.)  Crumbed chicken breast from Woolworths, with homemade potato and sweet potato fries and cucumber and spinach.  Ohhh speaking of Woolworths – have you ever tried their organic milk – goodness it is so yummy – can’t stop drinking it.  And the only reason why I bought it was because it was actually cheaper than their normal milk!

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8 Responses to Injuries in the household and a generous child

  1. MamaCat says:

    Your Zoe does seem like a softie. boy is only 2.5 so I am no authority on the subject. I have done cookies on the last two birthdays and wrapped individually in cellophane. Cookies are way less of a mess than iced cupcakes and they are less fragile. I iced the cookies last year and they looked amazing. I made the cookies very big so it was one cookie a child. I have no idea about tuck shop.
    Hope your family recovers soon.

  2. JessV says:

    What a nice initiative from the school to “adopt” an underprivileged child, I love that! R20 is more than enough. Even R10 would be sufficient, enough for a treat twice a week.
    Hmm, birthday gifts… pack of playing cards, marbles, clothes, a cool cap, cheap wristwatch, sweets.
    Shame, sorry about all the injuries and medical costs, gosh. Hope everyone’s better soon.

  3. nusha78 says:

    Wow … Grade 5 boy is tough … usually I would say anything with wheels but maybe he’s a bit old for that?? They have those cool science type packs at the toy shops … not sure what they cost though. Ones where the kids can do a few experiments and things???

    I think cupcakes/cookies/brownies would all work pretty well … Grade 5 is pretty old so there wouldn’t be that crazy mess like when a little kid gets a cupcake. Why do you think cupcakes are girly? 🙂

    Sorry for all the medical issues at your house right now. Hope you all recover really quickly. You must be anxious about your ankle with Comrades looming?

    Zoe is quite sweet to just give her money and goodies away like that 🙂

    • runnermum says:

      Luckily most of my training for Comrades is in the bag – and I’m sure the ankle will be fine by then, more worried about next week’s Two Oceans.

  4. Deblet says:

    Sheez the injury list is long in the house at the moment,hope all are better soon and you must rest the ankle…ice and elevate please!
    I love the adopting kid idea…R20 is loads for tuck shop money.I don’t think cupcakes are girl you can make them with chocolate icing and add sour worms or something similar.As for present..ummm tough one depends on what they like which you don’t know but I always go with something to wear,something to eat and something to play with when it comes to kids I don’t know well… a cool cap(mr Price have great boys caps) a chocolate and ask at any toy store what is the latest popular toy for his age group

    • runnermum says:

      Hee hee – I love your idea with the sour worms, I think I’m going to bake sugar cookies and decorate it with blue icing and a bit of hundreds and thousands – a little bit different from the bog standard cup cake.

      The school also suggested clothes especially something warm so I’ll go and have a look at Mr Price’s clothes sometime. And then no gift is complete without a chocolate isn’t it?

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