Weekend news

So I ran another marathon this weekend, and please a marathon is 42.2km’s, a 21 or a 10 is not a marathon! 🙂  The real runners get very irritated when somebody say they have done a marathon and then they ran a 10km.  Well it was going really really well, I felt although I was flying up the hills and down the hills until we were about 25km’s into the race and the water tables ran out of water.  Now to try and run without water especially such a long distance is like trying to breathe under water – basically impossible.  So I muddled along in a haze of sugar rushes and crashes because there was only coke at the tables but I still finished in a reasonable time.  I’m just so angry at the organisers that is not ashamed to ask an arm and a leg for a race and then can even supply the most basic of need of the runners, they can be very very lucky that is was a cool day, a hot day would’ve been even worse.

So we got Zoe’s report on Friday and low and behold, the child who doesn’t like school got the highest marks in all her subjects!  Goodness I’m so glad about it because I was already preparing myself to do extra homework next term because of the problems with her. 

 Zoe had her first sleep over on Saturday night – we both had to run on Sunday, my mom is on holiday and our friend that normally watches Zoe had to work, so out of desperation I agreed to a sleepover at her friend’s house.  I must admit that I picked a family where there is no Dad in the house because I feel it is a bit safer. I know terrible that you can’t trust anybody.

 And now it is school holidays and Zoe comes to work with me.  Luckily Boss man is not here so I don’t have to stress that she will be in the way or anything like that.  Luckily she is really good and as long as I can provide her with paint, paper and other crafts thing she’ll happily sit next to me while I work.

 I’ve finished knitting a beanie and some little mittens for a work friend.  His wife is expecting in May and they don’t know the sex yet, so I knitted it in white for a new born.  Goodness it is so dinky and tiny – can’t believe that a baby can be that small.  I can’t believe I didn’t break Zoe but then again she was quite a big baby when she was born, the gynae expected her to be about 4.5kg at full term and he did a ceaser on 37 weeks and she was still a whopping 3.5kg’s!

 I wanted to post a recipe for pizza base without any carbs in on the blog today but I left the recipe at home so that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I may actually make it tonight, because it is really nice and homemade pizza is always a treat.  Friday night we had hamburgers.  Oopsies as per the previous recipe, with homemade patties, cucumber and spinach leaves and a rich creamy sauce with bacon fat and Worchester sauce and tomato paste!  Didn’t even miss the chips.

Did you know if you ask at Spur for a naked burger, they give it to you without the bun?  Must say I’m a bit ashamed to say that we went to Spur – most definitely not a place I would choose to go but after running the marathon yesterday we were so hungry we just popped into Spur for their breakfast special, however it was already after 11 and we couldn’t order breakfast any more.  So we went for a naked bacon and cheese burger – lot of protein and lots of fat!

And that was our weekend.

Have a good week!

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8 Responses to Weekend news

  1. MamaCat says:

    Congrats on your secretly academic child! I would be very interested in your pizza recipe.
    I read about your beanie and feel guilt. I cannot even find my crochet hook…Honeybear has been in my crochet basket (that is my excuse).
    Naked burgers…an interesting concept.

  2. nusha78 says:

    Comrades is getting closer hey? My friend at work that’s training for her first one is really feeling it now. She also did a marathon yesterday … maybe it was the same one? 🙂 … and she was commenting this morning about how after all this training etc. her times are getting worse and not better!
    Very poor on the part of the organizers to run out of water!!
    Yay on Zoe’s first sleepover … hope she enjoyed it!! 🙂
    Did not know that about “naked burgers” 🙂 Interesting titbit that …

    I LOVE pizza!!!

    • runnermum says:

      Ohhh tell your friend there is nothing like your first Comrades, that high is unachievable in other race afterwards. Good luck to her! Her times will get worse and it is a good thing – you have to learn to run slower than normal pace because Comrades is far and difficult.

  3. nusha78 says:

    PS. Well done to Zoe on her report!!! 🙂 How wonderful!

  4. Deblet says:

    Well done to Zoe on the great report.
    You sound like my runner sister with the Marathon comment,how pathetic that the water ran out that could have been very dangerous if it was hot.
    Looking forward to the pizza recipe.

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