A mommy fail morning, actually an adult fail morning

And here is another post about to prove that I really do not have my act together and I really shouldn’t be an adult.  I think there should be some kind of test and only once you have passed that are you allowed the title of adult.

So here is my tale of woe for this morning (this is real time not yesterday’s news)

The morning started OK, got Zoe ready for school with the least amount of fuss.  Then off to the kitchen to pack our lunches and make our breakfast.  So I ask Zoe to remove her lunchbox from yesterday from her bag and to put some fresh water in her bottle for today.  So what will she say to me? “Why can’t you, can’t you just do one thing in the morning for me, why do I have to do everything?”.  Ohhh my goodness, I actually saw red!  But decided to keep my cool and not upset her on her last day of her first term of her first year of school.

And then we got to school and I forgot that they have to wear normal clothes to school and Zoe is in her school clothes.  I drop her off, chase back home, grabbed some clothes after a lot of swearing about the messiness of her cupboard, a cupboard that I clean out and re-organise at least one a month but I don’t do anything for her! Chased back to school to give her clothes, only to hear that it is entrepreneurial day at school and she needs money!

And I gave her a short and a T-shirt to wear and now it is cold!

And in between all this drama I had to drop my domestic goddess at my mom’s house, Emily was already sitting in the car when I realised that I can’t find my mom’s house’s key.  Told Emily I’ll take her another day, phones Hubby to ask if the key is in his car, no the key is not there either.  Minor panic, where is the key.  Got to work, looked for something in my handbag and there is the key!  (aarggghhh – pulling my hair out of my head!)

And today at work I have to do VAT so I better get my act together, can’t have such a befuddled brain when it comes to VAT.

So I’m sitting here with my green tea and hoping for some calm to come over me before I start my working day.  Although with all the What’sapp messages from our new tenant I doubt if any calm is coming soon.

Recipe for the day:

Broccoli mash:

OK – I was the only one to eat this, Hubby and Zoe pulled up their noses and said that they won’t eat green stuff like that.  This also not very scientific, no measurements.

Boil some broccoli until very soft

Drain water

Pour in a generous amount of cream

Add a handful of strong cheddar cheese

Add a quarter wheel of Camembert cheese

Add a pinch of baking powder

Salt and pepper to taste.

A blob of butter ag make it two blob’s we need the fat

Blitz with a stick blender until smooth.  And it taste like creamy green cheese!

Make a big batch and you have enough for the whole week to go with your protein at night.




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3 Responses to A mommy fail morning, actually an adult fail morning

  1. MamaCat says:

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. It means a lot to me.
    Oi, it does sound like a mixed up morning. We all have those so do not feel too bad about it. The last time I did that, I left my laptop on the Gautrain (I did get it back).
    The broccoli mash sounds like something I would try (especially with all that cheese in it) but I can see why your family would not try it. Sounds like a nice spread for toast (oops no toast in the diet?)
    I will finish the blanket and post a pic for you (before winter)

  2. nusha78 says:

    Oh dear! I do hope your day improved immensely!! Sorry for the crappy start. I think I would have also lost my cool if any of my kids said that to me …

    That brocolli mash sounds yummy. I really like brocolli, and with all that cheese AND cream it could only be super-delish!

  3. Deblet says:

    OMW What a day,sometimes it just doesn’t come together

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