Zoe news and a recipe

Before I begin – I write a blog in Word during the day and the post it the next morning – so everything I say is from yesterday, except for this nugget of news – I broke the 60kg barrier this morning, I’m now officially in the 50kg’s again!  Last time I saw a 5 in front of my weight was before I fell pregnant!  Whoo hooo!

Zoe is still not entirely happy at school, friends are still a problem although I do think she may exaggerate a little bit.  She is also extremely impatient to start reading but she does find the spelling and reading of words and simple sentences very tedious – can’t say I blame her because I find it tedious as well.

They were supposed to start with netball on the 1st of March but we’ve had so much rain that they only started this week.  I quite enjoy sitting next to the field and watch her.  It is so liberating to just sit and not to have to do something.  I’m must say that she is most definitely more her dad’s child than mine when it comes to balls, I have absolutely no ball sense but I was quite impressed with Zoe’s skills.

The closer I get to Comrades the more tired I am in the evenings and I have come to the realisation that I don’t want to read but I do want to do something, so I knit.  The church has a charity drive where they hand out scarves, gloves and beenies to people in need.  So I knit scarves for church.  But now Zoe wants to learn to knit as well, I thought she was too small but after another afternoon of nagging I showed her how, she struggled a bit and then said that she is tired.  Next afternoon she sat down next to my mom and started to knit – I was amazed.  It just shows that those little brains never stop thinking, she took everything in that I showed her how and her brain processed it and then she could do it!!  So far she has knitted her dad a coaster to put his beer on and she is now busy with a second coaster.

I can’t believe that the first term of Zoe’s first year in school is over on Friday.  I can’t wait to see her report card – I’m not having too high expectations purely because she has made it so abundantly clear that she is bored and doesn’t like school – I’m sure it is going to reflect in her marks.

The school has a reward system where they get a star each time they are good, when they have 10 starts they get a merit and once they have 10 merits they get a little pin saying they are a star, to put on their school clothes.  The pin is handed out during assembly in front of the whole school.  Zoe got her pin on Monday and she is just soooo proud of that silly little thing.  I do admire the school for awarding good behaviour and it is obviously working, she is already working hard towards her second pin.

And finally the poor child has a tooth loose, however who is going to pull it once it is loose enough is an open question, both Hubby and myself is extremely squeamish, hopefully it will sommer just fall out by itself.  And now obviously we can’t get her fingers out of her mouth because she wiggling that poor tooth to within an inch of it’s life.

And now for my Banting recipe for the day – once again a disclaimer – these are not recipes I make up – I find them on the internet whilst researching Banting and ketosis.

This is almost like a bun – it also soaks up sauces very well so it is a good idea to make it with a curry or a lovely stew. Two can be used as a hamburger bun or to make a hot dog.


3 eggs

½ cup cream cheese – I use a flavoured cream cheese because it gives it more flavour

½ teaspoon of baking powder

A dash of herbs that will compliment your saucy dish


Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius

Line a baking tray with baking paper (very important) they stick if you just spray the tray.

Spray baking paper with Spray and Cook

Separate eggs

Mix the egg yolk with the cream cheese until smooth

Mix the herbs and the baking powder with the cream cheese mixture

Beat egg whites until very very stiff and completely dry

Fold egg whites gently into cream cheese mixture

Place dollops on the baking paper and bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Can be eaten the next day as well.


And then another idea, not tried it yet but it should work – I see Woolworths now has chocolate cream cheese, so if you substitute the savoury cream cheese and herbs for the chocolate cream cheese and add a bit of unsweetened hot chocolate to the mixture it will make an excellent vehicle for a desert with coffee flavoured mascarpone cheese, cream and some dark 70% chocolate curls.  Or unflavoured mascarpone cheese, cream and berries!  Yummy!

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6 Responses to Zoe news and a recipe

  1. MamaCat says:

    I am sure Zoe will find her niche at school with friends. If it is really bothering, like it seems, does she say why she has no friends?
    I like to crochet, but it comes in fits and starts of passion. I find I am eager and then I want to do something else. I am hoping against all hope to finally finish HB’s blanket (started when I was pregnant). Weirdly I always finish items I start for people other than family.
    Th recipe without the flour seems odd (I know why there is no flour).

    • runnermum says:

      MamaCat – you better get moving on that blanket! I knitted three blankets last year, two for a friend who was expecting twins and one for Zoe. Kind of tired of blankets now. That is why I’m concentrating on smaller projects.

  2. Deblet says:

    Well done on the 50 mark.
    Loose teeth freak me out totally we left all our girls loose ones to fall out themselves,it’s just LO who pulls her own loose teeth out,totally gross.
    Hope Zoe settles down and forms some friendship groups,maybe sport will help if she has team mates they often become friends.

    • runnermum says:

      She has now started to play netball because my thinking was the same as yours, so let’s see.

      i think your idea about the teeth is best, wow LO is a tough little thing!

  3. nusha78 says:

    WOW! In the 50s again!! I am still trying … I managed to get to 56kg after I had Munchkin, but then I got preggers again … and haven’t seen the 50s since. Well done to you 🙂
    OMW on the loose tooth!! I don’t think I could pull it out … I would just leave it til it falls out on its own
    Sorry Zoe isn’t enjoying school much. Was this the case in her pre-school as well?? I do hope she settles in and finds a happy place and a friend.

    • runnermum says:

      I’ve realised with the friend thing that she is a bit of drama queen, when ask generally if she had a friend for the day, she’ll say no but if I quiz her about specific times of the day for example 1st break then she’ll say she was walking and talking with this one or the other one. She had the same friend, ironically also called Zoe from the baby class in pre-school. Zoe now went to a different primary school and that is the whole problem.

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