Getting my act together

So I’m turning 40 in 6 months time.  I really really expected to have my act together by now and not be riddled by insecurities, social gaffes and getting overwhelmed by life in general.  So here is my list of stuff that I just can’t get right and I really expected to have right by now:

1.  Putting on make-up – the best I can do is mascara

2.  Doing my hair properly – all I’ve done is to grow it long and attack it with a GHD – not really a hair style

3.  Knowing what to wear when – just not happening

4.  Knowing when Aunt Flo should arrive and not wear white skinny jeans on that day – nope – today is case in point – had to drive home to change.

5.  Having a whole circle of good girl friends that I can do girly stuff with – nope – friendship landscape is a desert

6.  Hiding my dislike in people – if I don’t like you I can’t hide it – maybe too honest

7.  Being able to tell white lies

8.  Having  good self confidence – not even remotely there – favourite pastime in the night is to tell myself how terrible I am

9.  Having a career – yes well what can I say

10.  Knowing where the scissors, nail clipper, tweezer, extension cord and double plugs are hiding in the house.

11.  Always having clean and ironed clothes.

12.  Having a medical emergency kit that is fully stocked and not just some random plasters and bandages floating around.

13.  Feeling like a grown up and acting like it, not like a 20 year old playing pretend.

14.  Having well behaved dogs that won’t jump on people – actually how did I become the owner of two large dogs?  I expected to still love cats?

Urgghh and the list can go on and on and on,


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6 Responses to Getting my act together

  1. mama-cat says:

    Surita, you sound like me. I do not even own the GHD, just some flat iron my sister gave to me and now I cannot find it anyway. I last used my hair drier to clean out the ice in the freezer we left open. I do not even own mascara, the last lipstick I bought was for my wedding (we are married 6 years in a month), I know I scare people with my straight forward cool approach of tell it like it is. I grab whatever does not need ironing .
    I think we either learn to love ourselves the way we are or we make a change and try to be someone (we may not be able to be?) else.
    You grow and change and love dogs eventually. Love you, you have things other women envy too.

    • suritabotha says:

      Ohhh I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Somebody said to me yesterday there are just other things than looks that is obviously more important to me! So I suppose it is about interest and priorities.

  2. helen_77 says:

    Hehe, many points valid from my side also. I still feel like I’m 19. Pity I don’t look 19.
    Thank goodness my little Pill tells me when to expect aunt flo so I’m sorted there.

    • suritabotha says:

      I’m on the little pill as well but I keep on forgetting to take it! Before I know I’m going to have a little bundle of joy to contend with as well if I don’t get my act together!

      • MamaCat says:

        Lol, I will await your announcement. I remember by having an alarm on my phone that goes off everyday. Hubby has an alarm too and he has to check with me, when his alarm goes off (it is his responsibility too)

      • runnermum says:

        Ohh dear – near 40 with a child in Grade 1 and then an announcement like that! Can you imagine – I’m going to set an alarm on my phone as well.

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