In memory of….

Mama-cat’s post about the emptiness and silence on the Parent 24 site has made me think about the people that used to be here and where they are now:

Here is my list – please add more if you can and where they are now, some of them I can’t remember the blog name but only the person’s name.

Deblet – her blog was the first one I read and the first one to follow and has made me decide to attempt my own blog.  Deblet is still going strong on her own blog.

Cinderella – Sanna living on the farm with Farmer boy and her small baby girl and Farmer Husband – I checked in on her blog the other day and it seems very quiet.

Sharon – Sharon has stopped and started on a new blog but between a teenager and an ill mom I assume her time is very limited

Tanya – she once held the number one spot on the 24 blogs – still going strong on her own blog but she has now made it a private blog and you have to request to access to it.

Maplotter Stories – Sumanda with the 4 kids, 3 still living on the plot outside Pretoria – no idea if she is still going

Tracy – The girl who couldn’t say now – now very busy with her charity for teen moms

The girl in Meyersdal with the blond little girl and the red car working in the emergency medical field?

There are so many other’s who we followed and shared the heartache and joys with and now they are just gone.  Sad to see.

Well the only plus is that my spam is now gone!!




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4 Responses to In memory of….

  1. helen_77 says:

    I also read Deblets blog first. I still follow her.
    I miss Tourmaline, Nats, Debs,JessV, Rox as well as the ones you’ve mentioned above
    I think a lot of them left because since the change to WordPress the whole site became user unfriendly. We don’t get notification one someone comments on our comment, so you have to go back and check, but I don’t think that this is strictly a P24 problem because I don’t get notifications from other sites either.

    • suritabotha says:

      Yep no more notifications! I’ve just seen now that there were actually comments on my blog that I didn’t see!

  2. mama-cat says:

    Oi, the captcha codes are back again. It is easy to take your blog over to a plain old wordpress site. Under tools hit export from this blog and a file downloads to your pc. Then from the new blog, go to tools and hit import, and all your posts come over. It is a really quick process.
    Helen if I follow a blog or ask for comment notifications when I comment, I do get an email telling me someone has replied ( on WP blogs outside P24, like nusha’s) You have to request the notification, using the link button thing.
    There was also moonbeam, mama snich, caz.

    • suritabotha says:

      Thanks you Mama-cat – I’m going to try it. It will be nice one day to read through all the adventures and it should be a nice thing for Zoe to have as well.

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