How to save a friend from an abusive relationship

Deleted to protect the innocent….



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3 Responses to How to save a friend from an abusive relationship

  1. helen_77 says:

    I don’t know about being in an abusive relationship. From articles/stories I’ve read is that nothing you say will change that persons mind. They love the abuser and that is that. They have to make the choice themselves to get out. I suggest you say that you will support her and be there for her when she needs you, but other than that you cannot get involved in something you don’t approve of. She will see the late, I hope it won’t be too late. Just be there for her if she needs you.
    Strongs, I hope she snaps out of it soon. This isn’t a healthy situation to be in.

  2. Kelly-Ann says:

    This really is a sad situation. And its generally the smart independent women that become stupid because of a no good man.
    I agree with helen, women in abusive relationships don’t listen to anyone, and will stay with that man until they see the light for themselves. Hopefully by then it wont be too late. As a friend, it is your job to support her, you don’t have to agree with her choices, and I think you should be honest with her about that. If you feel you need to, let her know that you are her friend, and that you love her, but that you cant stand by while she allows this man to use and abuse her like this.
    That is what I would do, if I were in this situation.
    I hope she sees the light sooner, before it is too late. Good luck

  3. nusha says:

    Sjoe … this really is a terrible situation.
    I think Helen is right about the fact that there isn’t really anything you can say to her to make her see the light.
    It’s almost like when someone has an addiction … they can only get clean and stop the habit when they make the decision themselves … usually when they quit because of someone else forcing them to, they relapse.
    I would do what Kelly-Ann suggested as well. Be a friend but be honest with her about how you feel as well …

    Cutting her ties and isolating her from her support system is what he wants to do … so that he can control her totally and so she will have nowhere to turn …

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