Sandwich generation

I’ve read about the sandwich generation and I find it extremely apt for my situation at the moment.  I have my mom that’s been quite sick on the one side and then Zoe with all her various activities etc on the other side, I’m in the middle and this poor piece of ham is being squashed to bits between the two pieces of bread.

And let’s not forget that I still had to take time for the most important sporting event in my yearly calendar.  So in the past three weeks I didn’t work a single Monday, Friday’s I was either of with annual leave or late because I had to take my mom to a hospital in Pretoria.  And then we had the day that I spend at the doctors and hospital to figure out what is wrong with my leg and the day I’ve spent at the dentist to get Zoe’s teeth sorted out – yes I know another Mommy fail.  And the day I lost in work because the power was off and the day I had to work shorter hours to pick my mom up from the hospital after she was discharged.  And now I’m writing my blog!!

So I feel awful at the moment, not a good worker because I have to rush of or stay away, not a good mother because my child’s teeth had some more cavities, not a good daughter because I have to pop in for a visit and rush off almost immediately.  And not looking after myself either – all the driving to Pretoria and back has left my left leg in agony – all the changing of gears with the clutch definitely didn’t help my injury.

I’m completely and utterly depleted – too tired to sleep, and my leg is too sore.  Too tired to do work, to sit, to stand, to talk, to read, to facebook, to twitter.  My ultimate fantasy at the moment is to crawl under a duvet on the couch and just stare at the fire in the fireplace.  No need to do something, feel responsible for something, to cook, clean, wash, shop, drive, mother, wife, daughter.  Uurgghh

On a brighter note – we went to see Liefling in the State theatre on Sunday and if was magnificent.  I was very dubious, not being a great fan of Afrikaans music but it was an excellent production.  It did help that Bobby van jaarsveld took his shirt off as well! 🙂

And that is my story for today – have a wonderful day and stay warm.



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2 Responses to Sandwich generation

  1. helen_77 says:

    Trying to do too much and keep everyone happy. Hugs S, I feel you. Rest up this weekend.

    • suritabotha says:

      Thanks H! At least we had a very quiet long weekend so I’m starting to feel like a human being again! Why so quiet?

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