Oil pulling and other stuff….

I’ve been on a desperate quest to find something to help me get some relief from the constant sinus infection.  OK, cutting out white bread made a dramatic difference but I’m still struggling.  At the moment I can’t go to the doctor to get antibiotics – it is too close to Comrades and the antibiotics has a negative effect on your performance and that is something I can’t afford.

So I’ve been surfing the net and googling and everywhere I went I read about oil pulling.  Now firstly it really sounded like an old wives tale and not just that but also extremely, extremely gross.  You pop ‘n table spoon full of oil (any oil but sesame or coconut oil is the best) in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes.  Then you spit it out, drink a glass of water and brush your teeth.  So after reading about if for weeks I was just desperate enough to try it out, they claim you have instant relief from sinus.  So I tried it with coconut oil, coconut oil is a solid at room temperature and I almost barfed when I put it in my mouth and had to chew it to get it to a fluid.  The swishing was very tiring on my neck and cheek muscles but I persisted.  And lo and behold, after spitting it out, I had to blow my nose about 5 times but my sinus post nasal drip was gone.  I was still very dubious and waited for Hubby to get home – he also has a horrible sinus infection at the moment.  I didn’t tell him what the oil pulling was supposed to do, I just told him to do it and can you believe it, after spitting it out, he also had to blow his nose a few times and his sinus was gone!!!  I’ve now read some more about this whole oil pulling thing and there is an army of benefits when doing it.  From remineralization of teeth – yes another thing that I’m researching – it is possible to heal a cavity, to cleaner teeth, softer skin, better intestinal health etc etc.  So for now I’m going to keep on pulling oil and see what other benefits there are.

So I went running last night – only 4km’s BUT after the run we always stand and talk a bit and it was then that I realised that I’ve left the potatoes on the stove with the stove on!!  But I thought it would be OK because I did put a lot of water in.  Poor old Zoe – the responsible one was tugging at my shirt and telling me to go home because the stove was on but I just kept talking to all my running buddies.  When we finally did get home, the pot was completely ruined, pitch black and the potatoes was very very crispy but to make things worse, I tipped the potatoes onto a cutting board hoping to salvage the top bits and I plonked the pot down on the kitchen counter.  And guess what?  The pot was so hot that it burned the kitchen counter!!  Arrgghhh I could kick myself!  So now we have a ruined kitchen counter and a ruined pot.  I suppose this will make me save money for that elusive granite top counters that I’ve been threatening to get for about 7 years now. 

Mother’s day was a quiet uneventful day, we went running and Zoe spend the day with my mom.  Actually ideal because it meant that I could catch up on some sleep.  I just can’t explain the tiredness at the moment, I suppose it is quite natural to feel like that with all the training I’ve been doing.

And a few stats on my running for this year:

KM’s ran since January: 1004.1km

Approximate time spend on the road:  111 hours

2 pairs of shoes worn out

No visits to the Physio

Countless vitamin B injections

Lots and lots of fun, heartache and joy on the road with fellow runners.

Well I better leave, I have to finalise the IRP5’s today.

Have a wonderful day!


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7 Responses to Oil pulling and other stuff….

  1. helen_77 says:

    Liam’s just had sinus infection and the doc gave him cortisone. Will that work for adults? I dunno.
    20 minutes! That’s a bit long. What if I need to shout at Liam for something, haha.

    • suritabotha says:

      Cortisone is great but not good just before Comrades. The no talking whilst oil pulling is now turning into a game with Zoe – almost like charades and she absolutely loves it, even Hubby joins in!

  2. pizzicatto says:

    I will definitely try the oil pulling, with the dry dirty Gauteng air, we have sinus attacks on and off all winter and usually it goes over into something worse.

    • suritabotha says:

      It is really such a strange thing to do but it really works! Another bonus is that you sleep much better as well!

  3. Marmalade says:

    Oil pulling sounds very interesting, will definitely try it. So much better than antibiotics or other medicine…

  4. nusha says:

    Wow! Who would have thought??? Next time hubby or I are having sinus issues I’m definitely going to give this a try!!

  5. caz says:

    can you recommend a brand of coconut oil? or give me more info on how to choose the right quality of coconut oil please.

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