All the news…

Cape Town was great as always – we ate too much, tested too much wine, chocolate and beer.  Ohh that new place – The Spice Route – next to Fairview is to die for.  Their little chocolate and coffee place smells like heaven.  I sat there while Hubby and our friend was tasting beer and it was so peaceful to sit there with my hot chocolate shot and breathe the air full of chocolate and coffee flavour.

Two Oceans marathon was amazing – I’ve never ever had such a good run – the exact opposite from last year.  The wind was hectic and scary but everytime I was caught in one of the gusts I just giggled and soldiered on!  My best time as well.

Zoe has this nasty habit these days if things don’t go her way to sulk.  She would fold her arms, lean back and push out her bottom lip. She looks like a real spoiled brat and I can’t stand it.  She did it a few times while we were in Cape Town but I didn’t want to make a issue in front of other people so I left it but on Sunday when she did it again I lost it completely.  I actually feel a bit ashamed because I shouted at her until my throat was sore and my voice was gone.  Well anyway we have now taken her bicycle away – big punishment because she loves cycling and she can only get it back once she is behaving like the well mannered little girl she normally is.  We had a long talk yesterday and I do hope it pays off.  I really do not want to raise a spoiled brat.

How would it feel to be illiterate? I’m an automatic reader – I read everything, posters in shops, posters next to the road, cereal boxes etc.  Can you imagine to go into a shop and not being able to know what is in the boxes on the shelves and not know how to buy dishwashing liquid or soap or anything?  The reason why I’m thinking about this is that Hubby may go and work in Moscow.  Now they have a different alphabet from us so everything will look different.  I wonder….. However it may be an experience of note.  Only a few things to iron out – house, dogs, two cars, Zoe’s schooling, our running – can’t see us running in the snow there, my job.  We should know more today about this whole thing – I actually think his boss had a bit of a knee jerk reaction, so I don’t think it is going to come off but it has made me think about things.

Work is completely mad – new boss and the old boss has now packed and left for Australia.  I’m not too certain about my future here – new boss is actually an old boss and we had some spectacular fights before.  Well I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve discovered a link on the Amazon website that directs me to the top 100 free Kindle books on the website.  What joy I “buy” books from this list all the time and it is actually so nice t read books that would never cross the radar otherwise.  I’ve read quite a few gems but I must admit I’ve also came across some very very pathetic books as well.

I better stop now – I have so much to do – judging from the pile of files on my desk I think it is safe to assume that the auditors have left!  Halleluja for that – every year we have new clerks and every year and I have to explain everything again and I swear they get younger and dumber each year!  I know I was there as well and I know it is horrible so I should sympathise.

Have a great week!


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One Response to All the news…

  1. mama-cat says:

    Glad to hear everything went so well in the Cape.
    I fin myself telling Honeybear how unattractive whining and tantrums are, even if he does not fully understand yet.
    I read read read. Cannot imagine life without it.

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