Cape town here we come

I’m like a little kid before Christmas – tonight at 9 we are boarding the plane to go to Cape town.  It is really a whirlwind visit and we are flying back on Sunday night very very late.

However we have already planned the full 3 days we are there.

Things are so tight time wise that Hubby has given me strict instructions not to diddle daddle on the Ultra on Saturday but to RUN so we’ll have enough time to visit the wine farm that produces my favourite wine.  They are not open on a Sunday so we HAVE to go on Saturday.

So yes we are running Two Oceans Ultra Marathon on Saturday.  Currently the weather forecast is prediciting a 40km/hour wind.  And the direction of the wind means that we are going to have a head wind for the first 20 or so kilometers of the race.  So my game plan is to pick a very big guy and tuck in behind him and slip stream!  However slip streaming does not work so well for running!  Ohh well it is worth a try.

Biggest dissapointment?  We wanted to buy Zoe a cupcake at Charlies Bakery – a friend has volunteered to go there on Saturday morning to buy her one and now they are closed for the whole Easter weekend!  Poor little soul was so excited about her Charlies cupcake.  Ohh well – it gives us a good excuse to go for longer next time.

Well I do hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, regardless of religion.  For me it is most definitely a major religious holiday but I do think it can send a message about love and sacrifice regardless of your believes.


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One Response to Cape town here we come

  1. nusha says:

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great run 🙂

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