Thinking about finances

I think that everybody is feeling the pinch at the moment – regardless of income.  The economy is bad, jobs are scarce, petrol is high, electricty is exobirant and getting higher and higher and then there is all the insurance, providing for your old age etc.

I’m busy reading a book about providing for your pension – it is an American book so lots of it is not really relevant on our situation in SA BUT it did make me think about where our money goes to each month.

And that made me think about the things that we have to pay because the government is not doing it’s job and is not keeping their part of the bargain.  Why is our medical aid, life insurance and short term insurance so high?  What about our licenses on our cars, the levies and taxes we pay on petrol?  Well that is a very easy question to answer – it is all so high because of the rampant crime and also because of the absolute disregard for life on the roads.

The government does not provide an adequate medical care so now private hospitals turn into a business and businesses need to make money and we have to pay for it.  The same with insurance companies – it is a business and a business need to make a profit.

Lets look at VAT – private hospitals, security companies, security shops, – they all pay VAT to the govenrment – so the government is actually benefitting from crime.

Same with income tax – the private hospitals, the insurance companies, the security industry, they all pay income tax.  Score for the government!

If all this money was spend on the upliftment of the country, building infrastructure for all to use (not a Nkandla), focusing on crime, making education a priority and educating people on how to drive and obey the traffice rules, investing in the infrastructure of Escom, I would’ve paid all of this with a smile.  Because once there is a trend that crime is going down and it is safer on the roads it will mean that our insurance may go up with less each year or even come down.  Once infrastructure is in place our electricity costs may be stable, our security at our houses may be less stringent, petrol may come down because the road accident fund will be used less and most of all we would feel safe in the country we love.

Less money going into insurances, petrol, electricity etc. will mean that we have more money in our pockets – more money to spend.  More money to spend means that more businesses will have a chance at survival which will mean more income tax from businesses and more vat from sales.  More businesses means more jobs which means more personal tax to the goverment!

This is so logical to me – does it make sense to you?   Why can’t the government see it like this?  Why do we have to struggle under all these grudge payments each month to ensure that we are safe and secure and looked after if something happens when it should be the government’s responsibility to ensure that we are safe and that infrastructure is in place.  Imagine if all your grudge payments can be halved – imagine if you put it against your bond or in a pension fund or hell stop being responsible and spend it on new clothes or furniture for your house or a new car!

I’m sitting here in my black clothes and just think that the time for passive dressing up is past  – this is not going to make on iota of a difference.  But what can make a difference?  We are so bogged down trying to survive (literally and figuratively) that there is not really the time or the eneregy to stand up and do something.

I feel so powerless but the I think about the upraisings in SA during the ’70s, ’80s, and how it brought Apartheid to an end.  Maybe just maybe there is still hope, if we can all stand together and stand up against another government with a new set of wrongs.





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One Response to Thinking about finances

  1. helen_77 says:

    And apparently Zuma said in his speech yesterday that apartheid is to blame for the violence we see today. Look, I don’t follow politics, but WTF his he talking about. He doesn’t have a clue. There is crime because criminals get away with it.
    I can’t wait for a woman to be in charge!

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