Zoe and pronouncing words

First an update on Zoe – she has an exceptionaly vocabulary for a 6 year old but there are some words that she just can’t get right.  Here are a few examples:

Taylor – Trailor

Buster – Busterd (obviously that one has us in stitches everytime)

Valentines Day – Valensday

Gister – gristrer

She is such a loving child.  She has decided that we must have a braai on Valensday and we should invite all our single friends.  Where does she get these ideas from?  However most single friends already have plans or just want to hide in their houses so we are going to have a special Valensday just for the 3 of us.  How many more days of romance would she want to spend with us anyway?

Yesterday I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of this bleak mood that I’m in.  Running does not really help at the moment because it is just a giant chore and something I have to do to get to Two Oceans and Comrades and every run is just to chase kilometers to get to my target at the end of the month. 

So I went onto the internet and I tried to find some exceptionally difficult recipes to try.  I decided on macarons and red velvet ice cream with a cream cheese swirl in.  Macarons and ice cream is perfect to make together since the one uses egg whites and the other egg yellows.

So I made everything yesterday afternoon and I can honestly say that I did feel better afterwards.  I think the concentration on something else and the getting out of my comfort zone definitely helped.  Only problem is that I can’t bake like that every afternoon – firstly it will be a disaster for my weight but also for my wallet.  The ingredients for ice cream and macaroon does not come cheap.  And Emily the domestic goddess may just resign because the kitchen was a disaster area!

So tonight we’ll have the ice cream.  The macarons are really divine – not too good looking – I still have to crack the look but the taste is there.  Zoe can’t stop eating them!!! 

I can’t decide what else we should have tonight at our special braai but I don’t really think it will be about the food.  I’m going to take Zoe shopping this afternoon to buy a few red goodies for the table and then she can lay the table the way she wants it.

Poor Oscar Pistorius – it does not matter what the outcome of the murder charges are – how do live with the knowledge that you have taken another person’s life.

Have a great day!  I don’t have to run tonight so I’m already happier!


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2 Responses to Zoe and pronouncing words

  1. Deblet says:

    Pudding sounds divine,enjoy the Valentines Dinner braai.
    I made a baked apple crumble cake for pud and I planning sweet and sour pork stir fry for supper.
    I think everyone starts to get annoyed with the kms before the big races,know my sister also battles

  2. nusha78 says:

    Sjoe your baking sounds delicious!

    Zoe sounds so cute! 🙂 Munchkin says “Balens-tine Day” and I could not convince her that it was pronounced Valentines … she kept arguing with me 🙂

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