I know it is a very cryptic heading for a post but let me explain.

One of my friends ran her first marathon on Sunday.  It was also her first time to qualify for Comrades and obviously later this year she’ll run her first Comrades.  She was nervous, excited, elated and very very sore.  Everybody was so happy for her and everybody supported her.  Hubby and myself actually turned around during the race to run a few km’s with her to help her along.  We all stood in the road clapping and cheering her on.

And this brings me to the firsts.  When was the last time you had a first – a first of anything.   First run, first taste of something new, first time in a new country, first time of anything?

At first I was feeling very very sorry for myself because I just looked at the big things.  I’ve been stuck in South Africa now for close to 9 years – I love to travel and I haven’t done so for such a long time.  If I want to run a first again, I’ll have to look at 100km or 100miler races.  Stuck in a rut with food, stuck in a rut at work etc etc etc.

So this was a post feeling sorry for myself and also wanting to find out who else feels like they haven’t had a first in a long time.

But then I thought back about the past year and quickly I realised that I did have a few firsts.  First time ever to see a Baobab tree, first time to hug a Baobab tree and feel the soul in that tree.  Visiting Limpopo.  Buying my very own car.  Taking Zoe to a new school, packing her lunch.  Having my first big fall out with a friend – not pleasant but a lot of lessons were learned.  And so the list can go on and on.  Ohh yes – and tasting the Lemon meringue flavoured yogurt of Woollies – still trying to decide if I like it.

So maybe I have learned a lesson, to be more mindful of the small things that we experience for the first time than to just focus on the big things.  And then there are the things that has happened a million times but it is still possible to find so much joy in it and it feels like the first time, Zoe hugging me or kissing me with her fishy lips or biting into a cupcake or eating a bag of Flings :-).  And then lest not forget the first watermelon of the season – always feels like a first.

What is a first for you or what feels like a first in your life?

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2 Responses to Firsts

  1. Deblet says:

    I made rye bread for the first time the other day.
    MK went to high school also a first.
    Love the idea of ‘Firsts’
    Well done to your friend on the first marathon,very inspirational

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