The sadness about Lance

Goodness I’ve been away for so long that it took me a while to remember where my blog is.

There is so much going on in my life at the moment and it just seems like a mammoth task to catch up and to be very frank not enough hours in the day. 

But today I want to move away from the humdrum of my own life and focus on Lance Armstrong.

Ok he was a cheat and yes I do know that is wrong BUT I can take all the performance enhancing drugs in the world and it won’t turn me into a super athlete that can win the Comrades or get a gold medal at the next Olympics.  He had to have a few ounces of talent in him somewhere AND even with performance enhancing drugs you still need to train your bum off to be able to cycle non stop for 30 days in the mountains in France.

So yes he was wrong but because of the lies, cheating and denials he has taken so much that was good and tainted it forever and ever.

He is an amazing person – maybe lucky but he did beat the odds against cancer.  Who is going to remember that now?  I don’t think it is utmost in most people’s mind when they hear the name Lance Armstrong. 

He did start the Livestrong foundation that does a lot of good work in terms of cancer research and healthy living – I want to admit that the livestrong website is one of my goto websites with injury queries, diet and even exercises.  It is absolutely brilliant – however even my interest has wained because I’m expecting to find the website closed sooner rather than later.

And then he is an amazing athlete but he will now forever and a day have the stigma of cheater and none of his previous performances or future performances will make an ounce of difference because he will be doubted.

And then how will all these drugs influence his quality of life later on? 

How is he going to repay all the money that is being claimed now and the law suits etc etc.  He is going to turn into the poster child that dishonesty does not pay.

Maybe a good lesson to teach our kids?

Plus just say no to drugs.  Even if it gives you a wonderful life for a short while it is going to catch you and chew you up and spit you out.

Lance I do think you are an amazing athlete but wouldn’t it have been enough to be 9th or 10th in the Tour and do it honestly and to stay the rolemodel you used to be.

I’ve seen him cycle in Le Tour and it was an amazing experience, that focus and determination was amazing.

So today I mourn a superathlete and rolemodel that gave in to the pressure of winning, and drugs and peers.  I’m really really dissapointed.


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