Goodness gracious I really don’t know what has happened but it seems although my whole life is on a fast track at the moment.

We had the repairs to the house – that went ok until the contractor told me that we have to replace the whole roof of the house – and it is going to cost a mere R150,000 – where we are going to find that type of money I really do not know.  The contractor thought I was completely mad when I requested them to paint my kitchen ceiling red – in the end I did convince them and I must say it looks fantastic.  The whole kitchen is white and it is a big kitchen so the red makes it look a wee bit smaller.

Work is manic.  My boss is in Australia making all type of crazy promises to creditors that I can’t fulfill and now he has decided to go AWOL and I’m stuck with angry creditors.  It does not make for a pleasant atmosphere at work.  I’ve already eaten a packet of Niknaks and a 500ml of Coke this morning – something I never ever do.  And to be quite honest I can do with another coke.

What is else is happening?  Goodness – there is so much sadness on so many blogs on the Parent 24 website currently – I feel so sorry for each and every one of you.  I just do not have the time at the moment to comment on everything.

My tenant is back and he got his letter of divorce from the courts yesterday.  I’m very very worried about him and to be quite frank I don’t know how this man is going to cope.  He can’t even look at me or he starts crying so he avoids me and only talks to Hubby.  I honestly don’t know how we are going to get him out of our house either.  And even more worrying – he goes to bed at 7 in the evenings and only gets up at 6 again.  He sleeps way way too much and he doesn’t eat.  I don’t want to talk to his ex about this because I don’t think it is her responsibility.

Zoe is a joy.  I bought a book full of Chrismas paper that is printed with angels and snowflakes and hearts and stars.  You cut it out and stick a few pieces of cellotape on and you have Christmas decorations.  She absolutely loves it and it is a battle to get her to bed each evening because she only wants to make one more thing.  The whole living room is full of decorations.  And then the wrapping of the gifts – I’ve bought a whole pile of gifts for the people in our lives.  Small things but she absolutely love the wrapping and putting a card on with their names and then she decorates the cards.  I think she enjoys the preparation towards Christmas more than the actualy day.

This afternoon we have to write her birthday invitations and put up the Christmas tree and bake some cookies.  I bought the cutest gingerbread men cookie cutters at Hyperama – they are only 3cm’s tall and every man has a different posture – I love it – only problem is that they are so small so you will eat about 10 cookies instead of only one!

This is going to be a weird Christmas holiday.  No more long weeks at the beach – can’t afford the accomodation and I’m not going to risk making plans around the flat that is supposed to be mine because when brother dearest decide to go down he will be welcomed with open arms and we’ll have to move out or be stuck with him in a tiny flat.  So we are going on weekend trips.  Last weekend it was a game farm between Bela Bela and MArble hall.  This weekend is going to be Kaapse Hoop, the weekend of the 16th we’ll stay at home – I want to go to the Irene market, Christmas weekend in Durban and New Years weekend at Tshipise.

We have never been to the part of the country where Tshipise is so we thought it may be a good idea to go and check it out.  Christmas in Durban is done because stupid me, feels sorry for my mom because she is going to be totally alone if we don’t go because my brother has not given her any inidication of his plans.  He doesn’t have the children so he does not need to come to her to be his babysitter.  Anyway – we all know my family dynamics is beyond mad and it does not help to dwell on it.  However I do have to wonder more often than not what I did wrong to have my mom so blatantly prefer my brother to me.

Ohh yes and the dogs.  Jack (the SPCA labrador) is the naughtiest thing in the world but also the cutest and adorable.  I want to murder him every day but then he just looks at me and my heart melts.  We decided that he doesn’t need Hills so we bought him  Vets choice.  Well can you believe it?  This SPCA mutt does not want to eat the Vet’s Choice – so this afternoon I’m taking a full bag of Vet’s choice to the SPCA – and no I’m not going to look at the animals again – I can’t adopt another animal and I’ll have to go and buy him a bag of Hill’s.  Snob dog!

I better start working – the work is just piling on again.

Have a great day.


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One Response to Updates

  1. Deblet says:

    Sjoe busy time at the moment.
    My dogs will only eat Hills,Charlie wont even eat ‘normal ‘food,only dog food.
    Must also get the trees and decorations out,but will wait for school to finish first.Decorations to cut out sounds sweet.
    Hope the poor guy survives the divorce,went through the same with BIL and it was not pretty

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