Two lists

I got this idea from Reluctantmom – a Christmas wish list – she made is specifically for the Secret Santa project but I thought it will be fun to let loose and have a wish list like a child – anything and everything is possible, so I’m going to allow my materialistic side to shine and then I’m going to continue with my Joy list, just to counteract the rampant consumerism of my first list.

Christmas wish list:

1.  An Evoque – the sexy new Land Rover

2.  A completely renovated house where no expense was spared

3.  No debt

4. A skiing trip in the French Alps

5.  A vacation on an island in the Carribean – St Kitts

6.  Diamond stud earrings – at least a carat each.

7.  Seeing the northern lights

Eish that is some kind of wish list hey?  A girl is allowed to dream.

Second list  – the list of Joy

51.  Zoe’s small little hand slipping trustingly into my hand when we walk somewhere

52.  Walking up the stairs at work with no pain – injury is gone!

53.  Watermelon season is here

54.  A cool breeze on a hot day

55.  Planning the December holiday

56.  A positive message on Facebook

57.  Mud squishing through my toes – gross but in a sense also nice

This list is getting harder each day but I suppose that is also the purpose of it – to look harder and more closely at your life to find the moments of joy that I have overlooked at the beginning.

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