Storms and my joy’s list

Firstly – my friend has challenged me to keep going with my list of small joys until I reach a 1000 joys. That sounds like a very good plan to me to focus on the small things to make our everyday lives easier.

I stopped at 14 yesterday so let’s get going:

15.  Sticking my toe in the bathtub and the water is exactly the right temperature.

16.  Being awake at 2 in the morning and deciding that this is not insomnia but a peaceful moment all to myself.

17.  Being awake at 2 and listening to the breathing of Hubby, Zoe, the 2 dogs and the cat and realising that this is my true wealth.

18.  Somebody calling all the leaves in the streets confetti from Jesus.

19.  Eating a sugar cookie dunked in my coffee before I had breakfast.

20.  The tickle of my hair on my back.

21.  Painting my toenails a wacky colour.

22.  Feet on the coffee table.

23.  The solar jars from Consol Shop in Woodmead.

24.  Stretching and feeling the muscles in my legs.

25.  The momentary satisfaction when Zoe’s hair is washed and brushed.

26.  The warm little girl smell just as Zoe wake up.

27.  The soft fur on my cat when she comes to cuddle in the early hours of the morning.

28.  Blogs

29.  E-mails from friends

30.  Hope


And then onto other news.  What a storm did we have on the East Rand yesterday?  I thought it was bad at work but when I got home I realised that the house was worst hit.  At the moment we’ll have to replace the ceiling in the kitchen and the guest room ceiling and guest bathroom ceiling and because of a broken skylight the carpet in the guest room will most probably have to be replaced as well.  The garage was under about 30cm’s of water.  Ohh deary me – some days I do wonder if we aren’t ignoring the signs all around us.  But then again what can we do?  They are predicting more flooding, hail and wind for the East Rand again today.

Thank God we have insurance and it seems although we came away lightly.  I saw some pictures on Facebook and it looks although people had some severe damamge.

The streets in our neigbourhood was green from all the leaves from the trees.  The poor trees are all bare.

And we are planning to go camping this weekend.  Yes that is another story.  Hubby invited our house guest to go with Zoe and Hubby to camp and fish.  A whole group of our friends are going and Hubby thought it will be a good idea for the guy to get out and be around people to forget about his troubles for a few days.  Hubby then also thought I could have a peaceful weekend on my own at home.  I had planned so many things that I wanted to do including going to the Irene Market for some Christmas goodies.

Well last night the lodger said that he does not want to go along anymore.  All our plans were in disarray because I don’t want to stay at home alone with him.  So now all of a sudden I’m going camping next to a river in Ventersdorp.  Yes I know – it is cringe worthy!!!  But I know Zoe will enjoy the weekend away with all the kids and hopefully I can park myself under a tree and read and snooze for the whole weekend!

Let’s hope for dry weather for the weekend!! Have a fabolous weekend

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3 Responses to Storms and my joy’s list

  1. teagirl says:

    I love your list of joys… makes me realise that despite the loss i’ve suffered its still a beautiful world out there.

  2. mama-cat says:

    That is a great challenge.
    Camping! It has grown on me. Your house sounds really bad. Good luck

  3. Cams @HoneyKids says:

    Such an awesome list. Am so cuffed that you are continuing it. It certainly helps to get one through the inconvenience of the storm damage

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