What a weekend! So much happiness and so much sadness…

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a very very long time.

We went to Kaapse Hoop in Mpumalanga for the weekend with a group of friends.  We were all joking and saying the weekend is only going to start at 12 on Saturday because we all had to get our running commitments for the weekend out of the way.

I ran the marathon – 42.2km’s and I was very uncertain about this because I know I’m not fit and I had the injury as well BUT it was an amazing day out on the road.  I ran quite slowly at the beginning and stopped and took photographs but the longer into the race the better I felt and the faster I started to run.  I finished in a spectacular time – for me anyway and I couldn’t have been happier.

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling and braaing and talking and laughing.  We went to a very beautiful spot in the forest with a little waterfall, pools to swim in and a lot of rocks around that you can sit on and enjoy the sunshine whilst in the forest.  It was so amazing.

I still don’t know what hurts worst today – my legs from running or my stomach from all the laughing – it was just incredible to have so many people that was just all gelling together.  On every picture taken I have this massive grin on my face.

On Friday night we were all standing around talking – the people planning to do the marathon and a non-runner asked us why we do it.  We all stopped talking, looked at each other with this incredibly blank look on our faces and realised that it is such an integral part of who we are that we don’t even really know or think about why we do it.  Almost a little bit like brushing teeth – you have to do it every day.  We have to run a long run every now and again….

And then the damper on the weekend.  Two of the 4 couples there are having very serious marriage problems.  You can see that both sides of the couple are so unhappy but they just can’t reach out to each other.  I have been in that boat and by the Grace of God we managed to get to the other side and I think we are now stronger than ever as a couple.  The one husband was actually moved to tears when he saw Hubby and myself together – we weren’t even really doing anything – just leaning against each other watching horses.

And there was also a couple that gave up everything – job security, house, savings – to go into a joint venture with family and it failed miserably.  They now have nothing and no income.  They are scraping by with the money the wife makes from baking koeksisters and doing a bit of catering.  They can’t even afford to put their youngest in Grade 000.  The eldest also never went to school before Grade 1 and he had such big problems starting in Grade 1 because he had no background – he actually has to do Grade 1 again.

And then one husband of one of the bad marriages moved into our guest room last night.  I have no idea how long he is going to stay there but I feel so sorry for him – he is broken and his marriage is broken and he has no idea how to fix anything.

Once again it is a lesson that people should talk to each other before things get to a stage where talking can’t help anymore.  Makes me think about that horrible e-mail I got from the so called friend and how he attacked me about things I said but he never said that he didn’t like me saying those type of things.  It may have had a completely different outcome if he said something the first time I joked about something instead of having it fester for 2 years.

Aaarrgghhhh – this was supposed to be a happy post and it ended up being a depressing post.

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One Response to What a weekend! So much happiness and so much sadness…

  1. Deblet says:

    So sorry for your friends problems.
    Glad you also had a lekka weekend camping

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