Quick news

I seems although I can’t post at all on my Newer other WordPress blog so I’m back on the Parent 24 platform for now.

Just a quickie – SPCA inspector came to our house yesterday.  First Daisy wanted to eat him and she was all aggresive towards the guy and protective towards me but once the guy allowed her to sniff and inspect him she was happy.

I asked the inspector if he wants to see the yard and the house and he said that Daisy told him everything he needed to know and we can adopt Lucky.

Yes the Labrador’s first owner named him Lucky – I find it a bit of a oxymoron – he was not so lucky afterall because he ended up at the SPCA.  Anyway we are going to call him Jack.

Jack needs to be sterilised first and they can only do it on Monday so we can only go and pick him up on Tuesday.  At least it gives us time to go and buy a bowl, leash, cushion for our bedroom and off course Hills Puppyfood.  We can’t have Daisy on Hills and Jack on something else.

Daisy and Jack – I do hope they like each other and that they can be best of friends.

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5 Responses to Quick news

  1. nusha says:

    Wonderful news about Jack! 🙂 I’m sure he and Daisy will be the best of friends …

  2. Tourmaline says:

    Great news!

  3. squidsquirt says:

    Hope you all have fun preparing to get your new friend settled 🙂

  4. Cams @HoneyKids says:

    Yay! Lovely news

  5. helen_77 says:

    Yay, great news on the new addition!

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