Running, Disney World and Rwanda

I’m the poster child that the impossible is possible.  I’m not a runner at all – I look like a duck when I run, I’m plagued by injuries, I’m forever loosing toe nails, my feet are forever full of new blisters, old blisters, peeling blisters and just general grossness.

However I think I can call myself a runner.  Yes I’ve done 3 Comrades’ (89km’s), 3 Two Oceans (56km’s) and 2 Wild Runs (112km’s in 3 days).  And numerous 21’s, 32’s and 42’s.

However after 2 Wild runs we have decided not to do that again.  It is extemely expensive and we can actually go to Maurituis for 7days AND take Zoe with us for the same price.  So no more Wild Runs.  Comrades and Two Oceans – I  suppose I’ll do those two until I’m too old and decrepit and the legs and body say no more.

But now the organisers of Wild Run has thrown a spanner in the works.  They are now going to organise a Wild Run in Rwanda.  And I hear you gasp and say – are you mad to go and run in Rwanda?  They are going to kill you.  Well guys you are in for a massive suprise – Hubby went there for work in September and he can’t stop talking about this country.  The willingness to work, the clean streets, the effective government, the safety, no crime, friendly people etc etc etc.  Their economy is growing faster than South Africa’s at the moment

I so want to do this run in Rwanda.  But can you imagine the cost?  We have been saving to take Zoe toe Disney world in Florida in 2014 and last night I told her we’re not going to Disney world anymore because Mommy and Daddy wants to go and run in Rwanda.  Her face was priceless, and I suppose I can’t go back on my word and not take her.

So any sponsors out there?  Anybody who wants to send a non runner to run in Rwanda?  I can motivate all the non-believers out there.  The people who does not believe in the benefits of fitness, sport, running, and competing.  I promise I’ll take lots of pictures!

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