Rambling on

This is not a post about anything specific.  I just feel the need to write and therefore I will.

This weekend was absolutely brilliant.  Saterday we went to the rugby and before hand we braaied in the parking next to the car like true blue South Africans, went to the rugby, lost the game, went back to our car and braaied again!  Lovely day with great friends, and absolutely no talking about marriage problems of other friends or the fight I had with that other man.

Sunday we decided to have a lazy day and we really did that.  Two friends came over, one brought his kids.  We all just sat on the patio and the kids swam.  Somehow we managed to have lunch and that was about it.  Doing nothing for a whole day and I truelly felt although I’ve been away on holiday!

It is Zoe’s school concert tonight so I can go and fetch her before the time.  I feel kind of lost – what will I do if I can’t go and fetch her at 3 and have the afternoon with her.

Well I do know what I have to do this afternoon.  Somebody is leaving our company tomorrow – lucky fish – he got a new job for the double his current salary and it is in Durban.  Anyway I offered to bake something to say goodbye.  I just can’t decide what I want to bake – Red velvet cupcakes, vanilla latte cupcakes, cinnamon buns or a chocolate cake with caramel condensed milk and chocolate ganache.  Ohhh the choices!!

I think I went a bit mad yesterday.  When I left work at 1 I drove to Zoe’s school, parked my car and started to run.  As the people in Gauteng will know it was extremely hot and windy yesterday.  Well for some reason I just decided that I’m going to run until I can pick Zoe up at 3.  So yes I ran for about 1 hour and 35 minutes.  I almost killed myself but today I’m so extremely glad that I did it.  Hubby believes that I’m now truelly obsessed with running and for him to say something like that it must be quite bad.  Although he then went out to run when he got back from work yesterday evening, just so that I’m not too far ahead of him in the kilometers for the week race!!

And then the joy!!  Last week I started to look at the cost of plane tickets to Cape Town for the Two Oceans weekend – for normal people – that is Easter weekend.  Well all of a sudden the prices of tickets when absolutely sky high – even with the Discovery discount it was still very very high.  Hubby was in Turkey and he just said no – we are not going if it was that expensive.  Well I sulked but decided to wait until he was at home.

I got all our friends mobilised and they ragged and nagged and I fluttered my eyelashes and lo and behold!  We are going to Cape Town for Two Oceans!  Hooray!  I’m so happy because I absolutely love Cape Town and absolutely love running Two Oceans.  Well I normally love it, this year I almost drowned because of all the rain but still it is a great place and a great race!  We are only going to be there for 3 full days and obviously one day will be taken up by running but it is better than nothing!

Well I think that is it from my side.

I’m do have to put some time into the blog to personalise it but there is just no time.  I can’t even get a blog roll on.  If somebody can tell me how to do that, I’ll greatly appreciate it.



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One Response to Rambling on

  1. Deblet says:

    Hi yah for coming to CT for Two Oceans….yes they do pump up the prices just for all you guys coming down to CT that weekend…sorry.
    If you go to your dashboard and open Widgets…….you can click and drag the widgets you want to the right hand side of your blog,just give it a bash not too difficult

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