I know we moms all think our kids are the smartest and the most beautiful and the fastest and most well behaved and the best manners etc etc.  And that is the way it should be, we should be proud of our angels and also show them at every opportunity that we are proud of their achievements, how little or how insignificant it may seem.

But now – I really do think I have an exceptionally intelligent child on my hands.  And no – I’m not just saying it, numerous people have commented on it and even the teacher at her school has said it.

Zoe has now asked me to teach her how to read and she is forever doing “homework”, writing and copying from books and counting and doing sums.

So now my question is – how do I handle this.  I’m definitely from the school of do not push your child.  I hated it when  my parents pushed me and I even stopped running in Standard 9 purely because my father tried to push me and train me.  I only started to run again after he died.  So pushing won’t happen BUT I also do not want her to miss the opportunity to learn and to grow.

But I also do not want her to be so ahead of her class in Grade R or Grade 1 that she is bored at school because that may create problems later on.

Am I overthinking this?  Should I just allow her to do what she wants to do and just guide her when she asks for it or should I now go all out and teach her?

And why does this whole post seem so familiar – have I posted about it before?  Hmmmm I wonder – old age maybe?

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7 Responses to Responsibility

  1. deblet says:

    I would follow her lead and start with simple readers like the Lady Bird range abd let her spell and sound out the words as she reads along with you.LO was also super keen to read from early and manged most 3 letter words.

  2. Miss Mishka says:

    I say go with it. Allow her to read simple short words. There is no right or wrong time to start. if she is eager, why not! It is absolutely amazing how advanced these kids are today

  3. lyndamadd says:

    I agree with Sharon. You could also try a form of Maths called SEMAS. The children are taught to use an abacus which then teaches them how to do sums in her head. Jerry’s been doing it since she was 5 and I wish she’d started earlier. She loves it – it’s fun – and as a result she adores Maths and is streets ahead of her grade 3 peers. I think their website is or else just google them.

  4. c.boshoff says:

    I agree with everyone, run with it, she’ll let you know when she’s had enough and I’m sure you won’t push, as long as she enjoys it, there’s no harm done

  5. helen_77 says:

    I too reckon I have a little genius on my hands, you can almost see their minds solving problems. I always say “Encourage, but don’t push”

  6. nusha says:

    I agree with the others … go for it! 🙂 Follow her lead … it’s great that she is so keen to learn … nurture this in her! I agree with you about pushing too hard, but I’m sure you can nurture her wanting to learn without the pressure and the pushing … just take your cues from her 🙂

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