Woolworths, weather, wine and whine

I can’t believe that Woolworths can be so stupid to fall in the same trap as SAA. Surely they should know by now that this can create a storm in a teacup.  I do feel sorry for them because it is the law of the land and I do think that we all want to see a country that is more representative.  I went onto the Woolworths facebook page and I had a really good giggle about some of the comments.  Things like – “I’ll be back when I see a white person at a till” –  now my question is:  Does Pick ‘n Pay have white people behind the tills?  In my area, we have a Woolworths, a Pick ‘n Pay, a Spar and a Hyperama.  I really had to think hard about the demographics of the stores and then I realise that I’ve seen a white girl at a till at – wait for it, wait for it – Woolworths!!!  OK I have to say that she is deaf BUT it is the only deaf person I’ve ever encountered at a till.  So cudos to Woolworths for employing handicapped people.  So now what?  Boycott Pick ‘n Pay because they don’t have handicapped people at tills?  Boycott every petrol station because there is no white people putting petrol in the cars? (thanks E for that idea).

What horrible weather do we have in Gauteng at the moment.  I’m very very glad for the rain because at least that will bring the pollen and dust levels down which means that my infernal hayfever may clear up a bit.  But what is it with the extreme wind and cold?  Brrrr – I really hope it looks better in the Wild Coast area – I can’t even begin to imagine to run in weather like this.  Although all the rain on the Highveld does mean that the rivers will be full and that means that the 3 river crossing we have a day may be even more scary and wild!  Goodness – my skills in the swimming department is sorely lacking, especially if I have to remember to keep my mouth closed because you do not dare swallow any of the water in the rivers when you swim through it.

Wine – I think I have sang the praises of The Ooh box on here before.  A lovely box delivered to your door each  month with wine and other delectable goodies in it.  I have finally discovered a bottle of red wine that I really really like – it is so smooth and full.  I have  now ordered a box from the estate and Hubby does not dare touch it, it is mine and I’m going to savour every sip of every bottle.

Is it a personality trait or does toddlers go through a phase where they whine about everything and they turn into complete hypocondriacs.  Zoe is driving me insane – every little scab and sore must be treated with Zambuk and a plaster – my patience is quickly running out because I’m not the most sympathetic person in the world and I hate it when people are hypocondriacs – I’m trying to teach her that we all have little aches and pains at some stage but it is not neseccary to make a whole production out of it but it does not seem to sink in.  Please what do I do – humour her or ignore her?

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7 Responses to Woolworths, weather, wine and whine

  1. minkiminki says:

    Our SASOL petrol station actually has 2 white young guys at the pumps.

  2. nusha says:

    The Woolies thing has gotten crazy! There are labour laws that need to be complied with. All companies with more than 50 people have to comply and at least Woolies are being transparent in their process.

    Ugh this weather in Jhb is awful. I’m freezing …

    I so relate to the whining thing …. some days Munchkin will whine and moan about every tiny little thing and it drives me up a wall.

  3. deblet says:

    Woolies thing sure has blown into a big storm,most woolies lovers I know would never stop shopping there for any reason!
    Whining even gets to me still,but it usually has some root….hunger,tired,etc.

  4. lyndamadd says:

    I bought Jerry a cheap box of plasters and kept it where she could reach it in the cabinet. Every time she had an “eina” she had to go and get her own plaster and put it on. She went through the first box of plasters VERY quickly and then when I replaced it became very bored at having no fuss made. Works a treat. 🙂

  5. helen_77 says:

    We have only coloureds at the Checkers up the road from work. At the Spar near our house it’s a mixed bag of people. I do think that demographics have a lot to do with it. I mean, if you live in a “white area” you aren’t exactly going to look for a job in another area are you?
    Liam likes to put plasters on imaginery einas and then rip them off. Silly bean

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