When I’m stressed I eat.  Yes I know it is all comfort eating but I just can’t help myself.  I’m having one of those days at work today, I’m trying my best to be pro-active and plan ahead and everybody around me is trying to be a re-active as possible and therefore undermining all my active plans.  So I’ve been stuffing my face since 8 this morning.  Raisins, nuts, pineapple, pro-vitas, cheese, coffee and half a caramel chocolate bar from Woolworths.  I blame that one on my mom because I do not buy chocolates to bring to work but my mom bought this one for me and it’s been sitting in my drawer!  Well luckily not for much longer.

What else is going on?  Not much – it seems although I’ve been having battles all over the place privately and professionally.  At work it is always a battle to get money in from debtors and a battle with creditors if we do not pay on time or we only part pay.  Personally I’ve been fighting with MTN now for about 5 months – when we got our tablets we specifically asked if there is 3G in our neighbourhood.  They told us there was but what a big lie.  Some days we can’t even get onto the internet.  And then there is the gate motor and the garage door motor.  The only good service I’ve experienced in the past few months is from the Hills the pet food company – sending me reminders when I have to take Daisy for a weigh in and sending her rewards when she reaches her goal!!!

Well there is a bit of good news on the MTN side – they are going to install a booster at our house.  My only question now is how long will it take to actually get this booster installed if it took 5 months, 2 Hello Peter complaints and another 3 complaints on the MTN website to have them acknowledge the problem?

And then I’m so extremely excited.  Saturday we are flying to East London and Sunday we are starting the Wild Run again.  3 days, 112km’s on the most unspoilt, most beautiful part of our country.  3 days of running with Hubby, with no distractions, no chores, no other duties, no luggage.  Just us two, the ocean, the beach and our backpacks with water in.  And every night the sleep of the exhausted.  Wonderful!

Zoe’s favourite toy at the moment is a black baby doll.  She cares for the doll devotedly and Thandi goes everywhere with us.  It cracks me up everytime I see the expressions on people’s faces when they see Zoe walk around with a black baby!  I think it is absolutely crazy.  And then it makes me wonder once again why there is not more black dolls in shops?  If you think that we have a majority of black people in this country.  Why are the dolls sold most often than white?  Poor old Thandi (Zoe’s doll) may be made of brown plastic but her features and hair is still very much like an European baby.  How I wish we can keep her so innocent and ignorant regarding colour.  We do our best to keep her oblivious but I can sometimes hear from things that she say that has happened at school that not all parents have the same ethos regarding race and colour.  How incredibly sad because we have to prepare our kids to live in a multi cultural society.  Regardless if they live in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.

Oh dear – I jumped on my soap box again, didn’t I?

Better get some work done – have a great day!



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4 Responses to Munchies

  1. deblet says:

    You sound like me,I have had a Bar One and a Jungle Berry bar this morning…its like my jaws have to keep moving to stop me grrrring at my computer!

  2. squidsquirt says:

    I suspect most of our toys locally come from China, and that it it would be costly to produce them here- which is sad, as we have such an awesome mix of people and cultures.

  3. nusha says:

    I eat when stressed, bored, lonely, etc etc etc … and then feel totally awful about it afterwards.

    I think Scott is probably right about our toys …

  4. New Mommy says:

    I totally get you on the munchies! I’m a terrible emotional eater & now that I’m trying to control it, I realise just what a bad habit it became. Sucks!

    Enjoy the run & time with hubby! 🙂

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