Ohh me and my soft heart. Everytime I see the reruns of Chad winning gold at the Olympics last night I start to cry and everytime I listen to his dad talking about his beautiful boy I cry again.

How amazing that a parent’s love can shine through like that.  How wonderful must Chad feel to know that his dad is so proud of him and that he is so loved.

And I know to win an Olympic medal is amazing but shouldn’t we all show our love and pride to our kids like that all the time regardless of the size of the achievement?  I know I love Zoe and I know I’m very very proud of her, BUT does she know it.  Do I show it enough and tell it to her enough.

That fatherly love and pride once again made me think that our kids are such wonderful gifts and we should really show it more and gush it to the world!

Well done Chad and well done Bart (or was it Burt) – anyway Chad’s dad for not trying to be the strong silent male type but rather showing the whole world how much your child means to you.

What a feel good moment for all involved!

And what a cow was that swimming commentator – she is really just ignoring our South African swimmers.  On Sunday she was so focused on the Japanese swimmer that came fourth in the end that she didn’t even mention our guy and last night again – gushing about the Australians and the Americans but nothing about our Chad.  Well we showed her what happens if you ignore us.

And then onto Zoe again – when I took her for gymnastic classes she hated every moment of it and we stopped after a mere 3 months.  However now she is so interested in it at the Olympics, it is all she wants to watch on TV.  I wonder if it will rekindle her interest.  However if she is anything like her mom she’ll never be able to do gymnastics, I can never do those type of things with my body.

Have a great day watching the Olympics.


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4 Responses to Pride

  1. deblet says:

    Swimming has been great to watch,especially seeing our boys win

  2. nusha says:

    I was a puddle when Chad got his medal and when I heard his dad’s interview! Sooooo awesome!

    That Aussie chick doing the commentating is truly very irritating!

    Munchkin was watching the gymnastics with us over the weekend (not for very long though) and she said she wants to be a gymnast! But then the next day she sees an astronaut and says she wants to be an astronaut 😀

    • suritabotha says:

      The kiddo’s do think they can do anything isn’t it? Actually it is so wonderful that they have that type of ambition. Zoe is still stuck on being a Bulls Babe!!!

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