It’s been 10 days

Goodness gracious me – I can’t believe it is 10 days since my last post.  It must be the longest I’ve been away from my blog since I started it.

Well we were on holiday for a bit.  Once again I completely fell in love with Sodwana and that part of our country.  How amazingly unspoilt and undeveloped.  We saw some hippo’s in the wild and the Fish Eagle that flew over our heads every now and again making his haunting sound was just amazing.

Well the holiday is over and done with and I’m back at work, back to listening to my negative role model grunt at me when I greet her and back to cash flow worries.  For the third month in a row I’m not going to get my salary on time.  This is really extremely frustrating and I do think the time has come to make a move.  However Zoe is still my first priority and I don’t know how I’ll be able to have the same advantages at another job.  The only real option is to do some accounting work on a freelance basis for various people but I so hate asking for money and how do I get a client base together.  Anyway I absolutely believe that things work out the way they should so I’m not going to get negative but I’m keeping all my options open for something new.

Zoe is going to the zoo with her school today and I must be honest it took a lot of willpower and a lot of strenght not to keep her at home.  I know with my mind that she needs to explore new boundaries and that I must trust the school but in the world we live in it is so extremely difficult.  I must admit that I wrote my telephone number on her arm with a permanent marker and she also got a lecture of note about listening to the teachers and not to wander off by herself.  However I’m not going to relax until I pick her up this afternoon.

Exercise is not really happening at the moment – I just can’t get motivated in the cold.  Although we can’t really complain about this winter, we’ve had a few cold spells but the rest of the time the weather has actually been exceptionally good.

So what else is news?  Ohh yes – Hubby has to go to Ruanda for work at the end of August.  Goodness I can’t believe that they will actually send people there.  Well if nothing else it will be an experience and another country that he can say he has been to.  I’m so envious, I’m actually the one that always wanted to travel and he is now really seeing the world and I’m stuck!  I haven’t used my passport since we came back from England and that is now 7 and a half years.

Anyway – I better get to work – the less money we have the more work I have to do.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I do miss the updates I used to receive in my Inbox.

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