Yes I’m blond! :-)

I only realised today that I have to moderate and accept comments! And here I was feeling all neglected and ignored!

Better get on with the packing! Can’t wait to get away from cold and dusty Gauteng!

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6 Responses to Yes I’m blond! :-)

  1. aydee says:

    lol it’s been a learning curve 4 me as well

  2. Cams @HoneyKids says:

    Glad you found them

  3. deblet says:

    Enjoy the time away…..such a blonde

  4. helen_77 says:

    Oi, I’m blond and I figured that out ages ago, haha. Various degrees of blondness???

  5. nusha says:

    LOL 🙂 I think that happened to all of us in the beginning …

    But there is a setting for that as well … you can set it so that no moderation is required if you prefer it that way 🙂

  6. Nats says:

    We still love you xx 😉

    Enjoy your holiday!!

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