Trying again

I’m so happy to be back in Blogland.  I can’t belive that I’ve missed it so much and because I was a bit slow on the uptake I’ve missed so much  news.  Ohh well there goes my productivity again

Just before Comrades I’ve seriously considered to abandon my blog but this week of enforced abandonment made me realise that I do need this blog.  Even if it is only for myself and to have a platform to write down what is twirling and whirling around in my head.

So this post is going to be a mish mash of thoughts and happenings.

After 12 days of enforced rest after Comrades I couldn’t cope anymore and I went to the gym on Saturday.  Well let me tell you – my brain may be ready for the happy hormones but my body is not ready to supply it yet.  After a few core exercises and a few arm things, I gave up and Hubby was just as glad to stop.  We decided to rather have a nice greasy breakfast at our local deli.  Much better idea.

Sunday we went for a hike in Suikerbosrand with Zoe.  Only 5km’s but boy oh boy did my feet complain.  However I must say that Suikerbosrand is really a magical place and definitely a hidden gem here in Gauteng.  It is so nice to get out and get back into nature.  We’ll go back but we need a bit more recovery time.

Then on the recovery – I’ve done some serious damage to a toe and I’ve been on antobiotics after Comrades to get it to heal and it is much better but it is still very sore after a day of wearing shoes.  And I don’t need to put nail polish on because it is purple enough.

How strange that we have names for certain things – I never call it nail polish but always Cutex, same with lip balm, regardless of the brand it will always be Lip Ice.  What brand names do you use to describe a product?

And then onto Zoe.  Getting ready in time in the mornings have turned into a battle royal the past few weeks and we were late every morning and we were both in a bad mood by the time we got to the car to finally leave home.  So yesterday I came upon a website with some tips on children and making them do what you tell them to do the first time.

Some of the suggestions were a bit silly but goodness did we have a good morning for the first time in months!!  When she woke up, I crawled into bed with her and gave her a few cuddles, we chatted for about 5 minutes about our dreams and I then left her with her yogurt and her clothes.  After another big hug I went away to get ready but I told her that we are having a race to see who is finished first.  Well that really did the trick – we finished togehether!!  And then another round of hugs were in order.

And not the bending over patting her on the back whilst she hugs my legs.  Proper, on her level arms around each other hugs.  It may have taken a bit of time from me to have the cuddle and the chat and all the hugs but it made a big difference in our moods before we left home and we were on time!!  Hooray!

Well this week is manic at work with salaries and cash flows and chasing debtors so after spending the whole morning trying to make my blog look better and trying to subscribe to some blogs I better get some work done.  And yes I still can’t subscribe!

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3 Responses to Trying again

  1. Zayaan says:

    That’s sounds like a wonderful way to start the morning!

  2. deblet says:

    Hope the toe heals soon.
    Trying to think of things I call buy product name…came up with Panado,Handy Andy and Coke.
    LO and I ‘race’ every morning….we have lots of giggles as often I shout “Done!” and race down the passage in my bra and panties only

  3. Me and Mine says:

    So sorry that your feet are still not right. But if it gives you more time with us that is good news!
    So glad for you and very proud of you for finishing the Comrades, it is such an achievement.
    Your gorgeous girl is growing up and these “fights” will happen. Jess and I still have our mornings of nagging and I suppose that will go on for a while. It is getting better so there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Hugs for you and your sore toe! xx

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