Country at war

We are a country at war and the war is between good and evil. It is bad because the enemy is between us and you never know who will turn out to be a friend or a foe. Today you may work alongside each other but tonight they may enter your house and shoot you for a cellphone or a computer.

How do you justify the things that go on in this country. A five month old baby strangled? A father shooting his own child trying to protect his family. A little girl raped and left partially blind? And then there are the crimes that stand out in our minds from a while back but they are only the tip of the iceberg – the 2 year old girl hit in the head and that was left blinded, Emily Williams – shot while sitting in her mother’s car waiting to pick up a friend from their house, Leigh Matthews killed even though her dad paid the ransom money, the girl that was dragged under the taxi for 300m’s. And the list can go on and on and on.

How will this end, how can this end? This is not an official war so we can’t sign a peace treaty and there is now sense of urgency from the government to end these senseless acts of violence and hate. From my point of view I think the government is actually encouraging the hatred and the evil and the crime. Why I have no idea, because crime is not a race on race thing – everybody suffers, black, white, yellow and purple. It is a fight between good and evil. And from where I’m standing it feels although evil is definitely winning.

Is this the sins of the fathers visiting like they say in the bible? Is this a throwback to the Middle Ages but with modern weapons. If you look at history and just for a quick example look at the war between England and Scotland – they were brutal and they raped and pillaged and murdered each other. BUT at least you knew who the enemy was AND that was about 400 years ago. Is South Africa really 400 years behind in morals, ethics and humanity?

I look at my child and I want to take her and run. Let her live in a country where she’ll always be a stranger, where she’ll have little or no contact with her family, let her be teased because of her accent. Let her long for the red African soil and the stars and the dramatic sunsets and the weather but at least she’ll be safe and won’t have to be stressed about the possibility of rape, murder or pillage.

Dear God please save this country from itself.

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8 Responses to Country at war

  1. deblet says:

    Sorry you feel like this.I know it is hectic up your part of the world.Hope you have a good weekend

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Deblet!I think we need to seriously consider moving to your part of the country.

  3. Schneeflocke says:

    I have made it known in blogland how much I want to come back to sa.This year we got the ball rolling trying to find jobs and listed sa on TOP of that list…the only place would be jhb, I don’t know as much as I’m unhappy in our town now….I just don’t see us happy there as well or actually why I should be there…all it took me was to read a few newspapers online to change my mind…I share ur sentiments, there are south africans all colours living abroad that are homesick to come HOME…but cannot for obvious reasons.

  4. shazdart says:

    I am so sorry that you have to live with this. We don’t! I can tell you that the majority of crime here is committed overseas too, they just don’t wave it in everyone’s faces.Once you live in those countries and read the daily papers, there is not much difference.We don’t live in a jail, my house is not fenced in, we are careful when we drive around as you should be always. I don’t live in fear for Jess and what might happen, but I do teach her to be aware and wary, just a parent’s job I think. I love being in Cape Town.Hugs xx

  5. Schneeflocke says:

    I will want to live in ct any day wish it was pssible

  6. FleurinFrance says:

    We moved to Germany 14 years ago. My girls are 23 and 25 now and it has been the best decision and gift we could ever have given them as parents. They have no fear can get in their cars without having to lock any doors, they can travel by train, by bus, by ferry and feel safe. The have europe on their door steps and have been to France and England. Sure it has not all been a bed of roses but we have stuck it through thick and thin and have become such a close well structured family and when I look at my girls I am filled with pride because they made it in a country they came to not speaking a word of German and today they are settled into jobs and qualify this year after studying for 3 years. To make it in another country with children one can only do it if the parents do not whine about wanting to go back to South Africa. You have to have a very high positive attitude and take the bad with the good.

  7. FleurinFrance says:

    PS: runners and cycerlist have right of way in Germany but from what I have seen in France as well.

  8. deblet says:

    Don’t get me wrong CT laso has crime,just doesn’t seem to be as in your face here and we are on the whole safer.Saw guys jogging in the dark at 19h00 last night,quite happy and safe

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