I suppose we have our vices but sometimes I do wonder if we do not over react and withold things from ourselves purely because we see it as wrong and it may only be so because that is the current fashion.

I suppose my two good addictions are reading and exercise – reading keeps my brain fit and healthy and exercise keeps my body fit and healthy – however I do think that I tend to overdo the exercise part a wee bit because of Comrades. However I have decided that I’m not going to do Comrades again next year. I need to first find the joy in running again before I start seriously running again.

But then there is also the bad addictions. In my case definitely and without a doubt carbohydrates, especially anything potato related and also any type of chips – I’m now talking about Simba or Willards chips here and the utmost favourite is definitely Flings. So now the lastest in the world of diets and exercise is that carbs are bad for you. This is now after all ultra marathon athletes carbo loaded for years before a long runs.

Thank you Tim Noakes – you try and fill up my husband with only proteien and no carbs. My grovery bill has sky rocketed since Hubby has read this article. However I must admit that it is definitely working for him and he has dropped 7kg’s since he started to eat less carbs – he has a very lean tall build anyway so it does seem although he is melting away, he has also improved his running times with about 20 minutes on a marathon.

So now I’m trying to stay away from carbs as well but I find it soooo difficult – I’ve never been a big fan of meat and now to cut away the carbs is making me one very unhappy person. So I have now decided that I actually don’t need to be lighter – I think in the greater scheme of things my weight is actually OK. I’m will try and eat less but I’m not going to cut it out completely.

And my other addiction is this Bakery Game on the Samsung tablet. You have your own bakery and you can buy stuff to personalise it and you bake things in the bakery. Baking things can take anything from 5 minutes to a day and I’m now at the stage where I bring my tablet to work so I can update my baked goods and not loose customers or have my baked goods spoil. It is bad and Zoe is just as addicted as I am.

And now brings me to the actual point of my post. Do carry our addictions over to our children? Zoe already loves her rice and mash and a bowl of tomato flavoured chips is her favourite snack.

OK and now something has finished baking in my Bakery so I better go and attend to it before it spoils.

PS I’m addicted to blogging as well.

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5 Responses to Addictions

  1. deblet says:

    LOL at carbs addiction,think i have the same problem.Think we may carry addictions over to the kids,mine all love carbs too.Have a good weekend.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hmmm fluffy mash or crispy roasted potatoes or french fries or Steers chips with BBQ sauce or garlic baby potatoes……

  3. sharonsmit2 says:

    Anything potato for me too! Just love it, and what better than a lekker piece of steak & chips! 🙂 Hope I dont pass the carb loving bits to Jessica…she can learn that habit all on her own! Have a good weekend!

  4. deids13 says:

    I am also addicted to carbs, they are my absolute favourite. And a real addiction is coffee, I get a headache if I don’t have any. I used to have a big addiction to chocolate but I’ve cut down a lot recently. My kids seem to share my love for carbs. My daughter would be happy if her supper consisted completely of mashed potatoes!

  5. annie21 says:

    Potatoes are also my downfall and also fresh baked bread, warm out of the oven…..yum yum!

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