Money, saving and buying

Deblet’s post about MK who has saved for months to get a Blackberry has made me think about what has been happening with Zoe and money.

Now let me give you some background on this kid first. She is absolutely and utterly mad about Build a Bear – whenever we go to the mall we have to go into that shop and browse around. Her first words when we walk in there is: “I’m just looking, we won’t buy anything.” The people working in the shop actually knows her name and she always walks out of the shop with a new set of ribbons for the ears of her bears at home!

Whilst on holiday in Cape Town she really started to twig onto the money concept. So she started to sell us the shells she picked up on the beach. R1 a shell or R5 for 10. So she started to collect money like that. Then Zoe and Hubby bought some fish from the fisherman in Paternoster and the mere idea of cleaning that fish had me green in the face and I offered her R100 if we can go and eat out instead of braaing the very very fresh fish – yes they were so fresh they were actually still twitching!! So she accepted – OK – I know stupid me starting an eating out evening with a R100 defecit!!

Anyway we then went to Ouma Kaap to say goodbye and there she scored another R50. By now she is clever enough to know that she needs 2 Blue notes and 1 brown note to buy a bear and a set of clothes at Build a Bear. Well between the shell selling, the bribe and Ouma Kaap she had enough for a bear. We went last Thursday and she got a bear with a pretty pink and purple party dress.

She was very happy with herself and she promised me that the bear will not be undressed and sitting on the shelf naked for ever and a day. (Now the bear is just sitting on the back seat of my car, strapped in with the safety belt and goes everywhere with me)

Anyway – Friday we left home to drive to Loskop Dam for the ultra marathon there. Well Zoe talked like a machine. This is her normal habit when she is tired and does not want to sleep so she talked and talked and talked and talked and talked. Worse is that she always expects a response from one of us. At one stage we were so desperate for some quiet that we said we’ll give her R100 is she can keep quiet for 10 minutes. Now this never worked before but ohh boy did she catch us out properly this time. She kept quiet for a full 10 minutes!!! So goodbye to another R100!!! When we got home on Sunday Zoe was extremely busy in the house and she was scrathing in my old handbags and in her handbags and her piggie bank. After about 2 hours she came to us with hands full of silver coins asking us to count it. And guess what she collected another R120!! So that is another 2 blue notes and a brown note.

I tried my utmost best to convince her that she does not have to buy another bear but that is what she wanted to do with the money and it is afterall her money. So off we went to Build a Bear AGAIN on Monday afternoon.

I really hope that next time she’ll try and save a bit of the money and not buy another Teddy bear!!! I think the time is right as well for her to get some pocket money each week. I wonder what will be a reasonable amount? R10 a week?

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4 Responses to Money, saving and buying

  1. deblet says:

    Sjoe she is a clever one….maybe her and MK should start a business 🙂

  2. lyndamadd says:

    I give Jerry R50 a month but it goes straight into her bank account – when she doesn’t see it, it doesn’t burn a hole in her pocket. Sometimes she’ll beg me for something or another and then I will tell her she needs to buy it with her pocket money (although I will invariable pay half). She proudly draws money from her account and pays for whatever she wants at the time.

  3. Helen_77 says:

    Hehe, sounds like this could be a costly exercise.L’s little cousin asked her Dad for a orange not e with a cheetah on it for cleaning her room. Sure, for the whole month but she wanted it for a once off clean.Phew, inflation huh

  4. Squidsquirt says:

    Whew! R100 for ten minutes of peace. Worth every cent 😉

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