Cape Town and kids

I’ve always been enchanted with Cape Town – what is not to like? The natural beauty, wine farms, lots of places to hike, quant little deli’s and coffee shops, amazing restaurants and wonderful shopping.

And that is until you bring a 5 year old into the mix. A 5 year old that can’t drink, who thinks one beach looks like the other,  a mountain is a mountain, who doesn’t drink coffee and is not to fussed about eating either. Shopping, well that can be done at Pep, Ackermans and Woolworths! And hiking was out of the question this time because our legs were just too tired after the ultra marathon on Saturday.

So we had a bit of a problem this time when we were in Cape Town because all our normal hang outs were out of bounds because of Zoe’s boredom. I must admit she is quite good and we can take her to a restaurant and she will behave but the other downside of the restaurants we visited was that they don’t have a kiddies menu.

So we had to order for Zoe from the adult menu and she may take one or two bites and the rest of the food will be left. I just can not bring myself to make her eat – we were always told to empty our plates and I hate that and I won’t do it to my child. So lots of wasted food and wasted money.

So we then decided to have a kiddie friendly day. However the weahter was not too good so we couldn’t take her to the beach and here is where our poor credit cards had to take the punch.

It really just felt although we had to pay everywhere and not a small token amount – I’m talking about big money! Too much to think about paying cash.

Firstly we took her to Boulders beach to look at the pengiuns – good idea for about 5 minutes and then she proceeded to dig in the sand and play in the icy cold water! So any other beach would’ve done the trick.

Next stop the aquarium at the Waterfront – good idea but about a million other parents had the same idea! So completely overcrowded and everybody was very irritated with all the people and the amount of money we had to pay to get in there in the first place.

After that we went back to the hotel – gave her pencils, colouring books and play dough and she was completely content and happy. And we could laze around resting our weary credit cards and legs!!

Here is a piccie of Zoe and myself braving the water at Houtbay.

Next year before we go down, I want a complete list of kiddie and adult friendly places from all the Capetonians on the blogs.

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6 Responses to Cape Town and kids

  1. deblet says:

    Absolutely…there are loads of our own homes with kids to entertain Zoe too.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Is that a babysitting offer Deblet? 😉

  3. deblet says:

    Any time…have 3 willing assistants!

  4. sharonsmit2 says:

    Strange how things we love – change when you have kids – the you quickly have to adjust! Capetown is magical…wonder if Jessica will enjoy it oneday! 🙂

  5. LinFlin says:

    Who looked after Zoe during the race? Did hubby also run?

  6. youunlimited says:

    And add Tash, that’s 4. We can entertain ourselves with wine ‘n song and Zoe will be smothered with attention and entertainment

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