Role models

I’ve been walking around with this post in my head for quite a while but I never had the time or the incentive to put it in writing. I think what finally galvanised me into action was when I saw that Edgars is now selling Paris Hilton handbags.

So here it is.

How are we teaching our kids values and morals? Is it through actions or is it through our words? I firmly believe that our actions and the actions of the people around us and the actions of the world speak much louder and clearer that our words.

So if we hero worship or cry histerically about a some celebrity that died – what are we teaching our kids? Take Michael Jackson as an example – OK I agree he was a tremendous artist with bucketloads full of talent. But what did he do with that talent? He was a pedophile – if we can believe everything the media is saying. So now he is dead and everybody is going on although he was a saint. No people he was somebody with a fantastic talent but also a very dark side. The talent was given to him but he chose to act on the dark side.

Same with Witney Houston – yes she was talented and yes she was amazing BUT she was a drug user among other things. Once again by choice she was a drug user and by God given grace she had an amazing talent.

Then take Paris Hilton – she was born into a very privileged life and she used and abused that privilige. Why should I buy one of her handbags, doesn’t that say that I think her actions are fine and good.

Do I want my child to act like Paris Hilton with her partying and her drinking and drug use. No I don’t think so but what will the message be if I use her perfume or have her handbag.

Am I to harsh in judging these people? They are afterall just human? Yes they are human and I don’t want to judge them. I want to judge the millions of people in this world of ours that raise them to celebrity and hero and saint like statusses because of them being celebrities or having a talent.

Do I want these type of people to be my child’s role model? A resounding no!! We can’t get away completely from the celebrity thing but I can try and minimse the impact by banning magazines that concentrate on the comings and goings of celebrities as much as possible until she goes out into the big wide world and hopefully by then she would’ve learned the correct values and have better rolemodels than the celebrities with human flaws that are treated like saints.

OK – kick the soap box under the desk and start working.

PS – What goes through people’s minds to have a disco party for 5 year olds? Yes Zoe went to a party last weekend and I did not realise until we go there that it was actually a disco. The poor kids were all completely overwhelmed and did not know how to act. What are they going to have for the child when she turns 16?

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6 Responses to Role models

  1. Schneeflocke says:

    I have been reading about the Illumunati and the role celebrities have in it…it makes me afraid…Artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and the list goes on on and on…Tom Cruise and Scienctlogy….here we are happily dancing to the catchy tunes to their music, do we even pay any attention to the lyrics?? or ask ourselves why they make all those signs when taking out pics?Yesss my cousine just 5 was invited to a spa party, getting their nails and hair done at a salon…finishing touches with makeup and glitter….WTF am I old fashioned? Its okay that they get treated like little ladies…but isnt that something for teenagers?

  2. deids13 says:

    I kid you not, a friend of mine was invited for a disco party for a child turning… wait for it… TWO! I don’t get it…

  3. Squidsquirt says:

    Who would ever want fame? It seems to come at such a cost. I like music, but I’d never condone those lifestyles.P.S. I thought a Paris Hilton bag was one with a chihuahua in it?

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Heee heeee – a Chihauha from Edgars!

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Two years old! That is madness!

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    Scary stuff.

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