Zoe decided what I should wear this morning!

And this is the result: 

There is reasoning behind every piece of clothing – rain boots because it was raining

Pantihose because it has to keep the physio strapping in place

Black dress because it goes with the pantihose!

It seems although my Comrades dream is slipping further away every day.  The shin splints are quite severe and even if it does heal in time I won’t have done enough training to be fit enough for Comrades.  I must say I’ve made my peace with it and I just hope and pray that I’ll be well enough for Two Oceans in three weeks time.  For me that is almost more important than Comrades and then after Two Oceans I can heal properly and then get ready for Wild Run in September.

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5 Responses to Zoe decided what I should wear this morning!

  1. deblet says:

    Love the outfit.Ai pity about the shin splints…hope you can make Two Oceans

  2. lyndamadd says:

    Enormous elegance 🙂 Good luck healing for the Two Oceans. Remember the quicker you try to get back on your feet, the long it will take to heal.

  3. nusha says:

    stunning! love the rain boots, LBD combo! 🙂 Hope you heal in time for Two Oceans!

  4. Squidsquirt says:

    My kids would make sure I looked like a clown, so you’re lucky! I hope you can get everything you want out of running, but also that you really do have peace about it. From what I’ve heard from running friends, better to rest injuries properly than fight with long-term problems.

  5. AyDee says:

    A lil girl with great fashion sense 🙂

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